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The whole town won the lottery

Older brotherMore than 400 people in a Welsh town boil after winning a £3.7 million prize.

This is the program Lottery Postcode Lottery (People’s Postcode Lottery). Players sign up with a postcode and pay £10 a month. As a rule, people living in the area with the postal code “NP22 5DL” are named this time.

Of these, nine are neighbor each other’s luck to win the prize. Edward Owen, 76, who bought two tickets won £370,000, while the other eight won £185,000. The retired worker said he is very excited and plans to buy a new car and travel around the world.

Lisa Scanlon, 43, a quality control officer in a chocolate factory, got £185,000. “I’m always teased by my family for how I spend my money. So I need to think of something to spend, maybe a trip to the Maldives,” she said.

Neighbors in Rhymney, South Wales, celebrate the victory.  Photo: PA

Neighbors in Rhymney, South Wales, celebrate the victory. Image: PA

Lewis Lance, 68, who has lived in his home for more than 34 years, plans to build a log cabin to live with his wife, Rose. “I’m on cloud nine. We’ve been thinking for the past few years about buying a bungalow. Now, I’m definitely going to start working on it,” he said.

Rose, a health services worker, couldn’t enjoy the day for long because she had to work, but said the winnings helped the whole family. She has to work seven days a week due to economic difficulties. This money for Rose really comes at the right time. She will organize a big party with her neighbors to celebrate and pamper her children and grandchildren.

Gladys Kent, 72, said she was looking forward to buying a few new pairs of sandals. Mrs. Kent used to be a maid, planning to buy a new car with her family on a trip. “Tomorrow is my husband’s 75th birthday, Gary. So we’re going to have a big party with three kids and eight grandchildren. Now we have even more reasons to celebrate,” she said. old man said.

Another 426 players in the same postcode received checks for close to £4,000 – £11,680, depending on the number of tickets purchased.

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