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There are three reasons why a family cannot become rich

Wealth is one of the goals that many people pursue. After all, no one wants a life in poverty. However, that is what the wish is, the reality is another matter. It is not easy to have a prosperous life and it is even possible that there are families for the rest of their lives that are difficult to have a good life.

They always sigh at the injustice of fate, and feel that it was fate that made them poor in the first place. But the more they blame others, the more they believe that rich and poor are due to fate, and refuse to work together, their lives will fall further and further behind.

There are three reasons why a family cannot become rich - 1

There was a family that used to live in a very poor and difficult situation. However, family members always love each other and work hard to do business. Together they opened a vegetable stall, busy working from morning to night. Life inevitably has ups and downs, at such times family members stand side by side, helping each other to overcome difficulties.

Just like that, their business grew stronger and stronger, from a small vegetable stall on the street to a spacious vegetable store to a chain of branded fruit and vegetable stores.

The success and prosperity of their family is not by accident but the result of the joint effort of all family members. Meanwhile, there are families that will not be able to get better if these things are not changed soon.

There are three reasons why a family cannot become rich - 3

Hungry and lazy to work

No cake falls from the sky, all wealth needs to come from effort. Some families always put their hope in luck, waiting for a day when a piece of cake falls from the sky and they become rich overnight. However, such cases of winning the lottery are very rare.

People who are greedy for food are lazy to work, want to eat well but are lazy to work, their life will definitely become poorer and poorer. Only those who endure hardships, face difficulties without discouragement, and make efforts to solve problems can progress more and more and have a prosperous life. People who don’t want to suffer hardships, don’t want to sacrifice their lives, not only don’t move forward, but also move further and further back.

After a year or two, you may not see a noticeable difference but after ten or twenty years you will see families who work hard gradually lead a prosperous life, while lazy people work. still living in poverty.

The family does not get along, often quarrels happen

When the family is in harmony, everything will be more and more smooth. Everyone’s life is like that, nine out of ten is unsatisfactory. What makes the difference is attitude. There are families when facing difficulties, instead of thinking together how to solve the problem, they avoid responsibility, blame and accuse each other.

If the family is not in harmony, even if the starting point is good, it is difficult to move forward. When the family is at odds, the hearts don’t share the same voice, each person moving in one direction, it is very difficult to succeed.

Only when the whole family works together for a goal, even if there are difficulties, they will not be discouraged, but work together to find solutions and overcome them, can they prosper. In such a family, each person performs his/her duties, tries his best, works hard and certain successful day will not be far away.

There are three reasons why a family cannot become rich - 4

The house has no family, the future road is getting narrower and narrower

The style and habits of a family have a certain influence on the members of that family. The core element of family feng shui is the moral tradition. Good family habits will bring positive influences to the next generations, even determining the confidence, attitude and success level of children in adulthood.

There are some families who are not interested in ordination. They only care about getting rich, how to make the most money. The tricks of deception, deceit… they are also ready to defy, as long as they have money. Family affection or behavior among members, how to educate children, sense of responsibility to the community is not what they find important and necessary.

To take steady steps forward, to achieve success, we need to accept a difficult and exhausting beginning. A long road is waiting for us ahead and good character and good manners are the way for us to have more friends and open up many new paths for ourselves. Bad tricks, cheating or taking advantage of someone else can make you rich for a while but never a long-term solution, sooner or later it will be revealed.

Families that do not educate their members will become increasingly distant and irresponsible with each other. They can even make irreparable mistakes, costing them years behind prison bars.

The family tradition not only affects the members of that family, but can also affect the entire family line, from generation to generation.

Families with a family room, the next generation inheriting the good traditions of the previous generation, living uprightly and striving will increasingly improve the quality of life. Meanwhile, the families who live deceitfully, the members do not know how to love each other, life will gradually go down from one life to another.

The degree of harmony, the feng shui of a family is the feng shui of that family, which has certain influences on fortune. In fact, a harmonious family atmosphere, a well-ordered family is a spiritual wealth that is much more valuable than material wealth and it is also the foundation of a family’s prosperity.

Together efforts, hard work, inheritance and building of good traditions of the family, your life will get better and better, become rich and affluent.

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