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Things to know when driving a car in heavy rain

Slow down, watch the car ahead

When it rains heavily, it will somewhat limit the driver’s vision, moving slower helps you to handle unexpected situations that may occur.

Careful observation will help you navigate the flooded road safely. If you see that the road you are about to cross is flooded, look at the vehicle in front of you that has the same model as yours and can safely cross the flooded section, then follow the track of that vehicle, you will pass. safely flooded area. However, if the vehicle in front has a larger shape and a higher ground clearance, it is best not to follow.

Always keep the lights on

When it rains heavily, the wind is strong, the visibility of the drivers is limited. Driving in the rain right now is like driving in the fog. Therefore, to ensure the safety of yourself and other vehicles in traffic, turn on the low beams, fog lights and emergency lights so that the vehicle behind can easily see and maintain a safe distance.

Should stop the car when it rains too heavily

Continuing to drive when it rains too heavily will be very dangerous, because at this time, heavy rain will cause the wipers to be overloaded, not ensuring your vision. It will be even more dangerous if you let the car continue to roll when heavy rain combined with high winds causes trees on the side of the road to break or fall.

No hurry

When it rains heavily and winds are strong, the common mentality of many people is to speed up and constantly change lanes to get home faster. This very easily leads us to fall and some bad situations.

Do not confront big cars

At the flooded road, if the opposite vehicle is larger than your vehicle, do not confront, immediately plunge into the water. Water waves generated by large vehicles on the opposite side may overflow the bonnet, enter the engine compartment, causing engine stall, vehicle crashes. water strike It will be very difficult to repair.

In addition, if the vehicle is running on a flooded road and the engine stalls, do not try to restart it. This mistake will also cause the vehicle to fall into a state of heavy water damage, bend the arm, break the arm, and even break the engine block.

No tailgating

Even if you have slowed down and can definitely control the distance from the car in front, you should not follow the car in front because the stopping distance and steering angle in the rain are no longer as accurate as in the driving conditions. normal event. If the car in front suddenly brakes, you can easily crash into them when you follow too closely.

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