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Trends of choosing luxury apartments of successful people

According to Knight Frank’s prediction for the period 2020-2025, Vietnam ranks third in the world in terms of growth rate of the super-rich, reaching 31%. The rise of the elite comes with new requirements for real estate in terms of living space and privileged experiences.

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Perspective photo of Simona Heights project (Source: Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Company Limited)

Rich people love luxury living space

According to assessment from the International Monetary Fund (IFM), Vietnam is one of the leading high-growth economies in the region. The rise of the wealthy has opened up the need to enjoy an upscale life, with new standards being set in the real estate sector. In particular, the age of the rich is getting younger and younger (age U40), they are aiming for experiential standards.

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Simona Heights apartment is being noticed by the elites (Project perspective photo. Source: Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Co., Ltd.)

Unlike previous elite generations, they often prioritize choosing large-scale real estate located in a prime location; Today’s successful world values ​​privacy and privileged amenities that elevate the quality of life. For them, a livable space is not only in a central location, but also must ensure the elements of security, privacy, quiet and full of high-class facilities operated according to international standards.

The area of ​​the house does not need to be too large, not necessarily a garden villa but can be a luxury apartment in the city center, scientifically arranged space and perfectly equipped interior. The comfort and class are also reflected from the spacious view on the windy balcony, from the artistic architecture rich in aesthetics, honoring the personal imprint, and high-class services.

Simona Heights apartment “favored” by successful people in Quy Nhon

Realizing the good absorption of luxury real estate, many real estate giants are ready to “spend heavily” on the high-end apartment segment and gradually move to the focus of localities with strengths in tourism and services. . In the context that land funds in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and Da Nang are increasingly scarce, Quy Nhon emerges as a potential market with great development space.

With 72km of clear blue coastline stretching along the South Central Coast, Quy Nhon is one of the outstanding livable cities in Southeast Asia. This place not only attracts domestic and foreign tourists but is also considered an ideal investment and residence place for the elite.

Catching up with the trend, Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Co., Ltd has created the Simona Heights apartment project – promising to become a new upmarket symbol in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Quy Nhon. This project was born to “cool the thirst” of luxury real estate and aims to improve the appearance of a coastal city.

Located on the front of an expensive street in Quy Nhon, Tran Hung Dao, the Simona Heights project aims to provide more than 600 luxury apartments for the elite. A representative of Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Co., Ltd said: “100% of apartments have spacious balconies, 3 sides facing the sea – Thi Nai lagoon. The project will perfectly meet the two factors of privacy and comfort – new standards of living space for successful people.

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Simona Heights will provide more than 50 exclusive utilities for residents (Project perspective photo. Source: Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Co., Ltd.)
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Space with comfortable and private experience at Simona Heights (Project perspective photo. Source: Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Co., Ltd.)

Here, future owners will enjoy a 5-star life with a chain of more than 50 privileged utilities, “tailored” according to the needs of multi-generational residents. Children’s playground, playground with the theme of “Ocean Park” for young residents, infinity pool, co-working space, Jacuzzi, gym, hanging garden BBQ… promise to create a comfortable and vibrant life dynamic and modern for residents.

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The design of the apartment is both to serve the needs of relaxation and to ensure comfortable living for the family (Project perspective photo. Source: Phu My – Quy Nhon Investment and Construction Co., Ltd.)

Simona Heights project to market

On June 5, 2022, Phu My – Quy Nhon Construction Investment Co., Ltd. will hold an event to introduce the Simona Heights project with the theme “Owning a standard lifestyle” at the Binh Dinh Provincial Convention Center. .

Coming to the event, in addition to receiving information about the project, attendees also have the opportunity to receive valuable gifts from the investor Simona Heights, a series of surprise incentives will be revealed right at the event.

Register to attend at:

– Website: www.simonaheights.vn

– Time: 8:30am – 11am on 5/6/2022

– Venue: Binh Dinh Provincial Convention Center (No. 01 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ly Thuong Kiet Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh)

– Hotline: 0888 63 45 45

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