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Tu Hy Vien was sad and shocked when her ex-husband accused her of using ‘banned drugs’

Actress Tu Hy Vien was in a sad mood, shocked by the bad words her ex-husband, a businessman, said about her.

Uong Tieu Phi – ex-husband From Hy Vien caused a stir in public opinion when there were just 2 articles about the actress on social networks. The businessman said that during his marriage with Tu Hy Vien, he was always the one to suffer. When the actress showed signs of mental instability, he was the one beside her to encourage and take care of her wholeheartedly.

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Tu Hy Vien and her ex-husband – businessman Uong Tieu Phi had many conflicts after the divorce.

In the writing, Wang Xiaofei It was also revealed that Hy Vien used a prescription containing “banned substances” (drugs outside the doctor’s permitted list – PV). The monthly medical treatment amount up to NT$1 million (about VND 800 million) is all paid for by him.

“When I discovered that there were cracks in my marriage, I tried my best to hold on. But in return, there was no cooperation from Hy Vien. She did not agree with me and my children to go to Beijing to live, then filed a petition. divorce”, the businessman shared.

Before the accusing posts from Uong Tieu Phi, Tu Hy Vien’s family also responded. Mrs. Xuan Mai – the actress’s mother said she felt “heartbroken” and “infuriated” when she read the words of the son-in-law she once loved.

The actress’s mother also shared that she suffered from epilepsy after giving birth in 2016. Due to poor health and stress, Tu Hy Vien had to use psychoactive drugs to help her mind relax and reduce stress. This prescription is prescribed by the hospital doctor and is not a banned substance as mentioned by Tieu Phi.

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The actress was shocked when she read the bad words her ex-husband wrote about her.

Meanwhile, Tu Hy Vien, through her manager, expressed her sadness and shock at the bad words of her ex-husband. The actress affirmed that she lived right, did nothing wrong or broke the law during the years of marriage.

“Even with a miscarriage and poor health, she still tries to fulfill the role of a family woman. Even if she has no job, she still divides living expenses equally with her husband…”, the representative said. representative from Tu Hy Vien said.

Tu Hy Vien married businessman Uong Tieu Phi in 2010. The two were not familiar before, only got to know each other for 49 days. After more than 10 years of marriage, they have two children, a boy and a girl. The couple used to have a happy time, participating in entertainment and business activities together. However, both also raise many problems. The actress once revealed that she was under pressure because her husband constantly hurt her spirit with words. At the end of November 2021, she announced that she had filed for divorce from her ex-husband.

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