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Unique tourist submarine service in Nha Trang on the British newspaper

A resort in Vietnam has taken the visitor experience to the next level by providing the opportunity for tourists to explore the deep sea floor.

Tourists vacationing at the Vinpearl facility on Hon Tre Island, off the coast of Nha Trang City, can now book an exciting trip to the bottom of the sea in a large, transparent submarine that can hold up to 24 People.

This submarine, called DeepView 24, can reach depths of up to 100m (328ft). Visitors sit in the 15.4m (50.5ft) long inner compartment and can stand up.

Unique tourist submarine service in Nha Trang on British newspaper - Photo 1.
Unique tourist submarine service in Nha Trang on British newspaper - Photo 2.

Visitors can have a new ocean exploration experience with Vinpearl’s Deep View 24. Photo: VinWonders.

Anyone who feels nervous stepping on board will feel more at ease knowing the company that built it – Triton Submarines. It is a leading company in the production of underwater navigation equipment, in which the submersible made a record dive to the deepest point in the ocean, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, at a depth of 10,927 m (35,853ft) below the surface.

Florida-based company Triton once said that the DeepView 24 is “the most important commercial cruise submersible to come to market in the last two decades”. And the Deep View ship owned by Vinpearl Nha Trang will take passengers under the sea for 30 minutes, exploring shipwrecks and coral reefs, as well as among countless marine life.

One of the purposes of the trip is to raise awareness about the state of the oceans and the rapid decline of coral reefs and marine life around the globe.

“While enjoying the comfort of a luxurious air-conditioned interior, the passengers of this submersible will connect to the ocean in a way that goes beyond traditional tourist submersibles with limited visibility,” said Triton Company. regime”.

“Designed so that visitors can sit firmly, the Triton DeepView 24 allows for easy entry and exit of passengers, while improving safety for staff assisting in underwater operations. Wide entrance doors. to further facilitate the entry and exit of the submersible, even for passengers with reduced mobility. Virtually noise-free, completely pollution-free and produces no carbon emissions. or waste water, the Triton DeepView 24, like every other submersible, is not harmful to the environment. This vessel was developed to meet increasing demand from tourists who want adventure and experience.”

Vinpearl also said: “Triton has a reputation for building submarines that travel safely even to the deepest points in the ocean, and we know their considerable experience will ensure the safety of ships and Our team has been committed to working with Vinpearl on this project from the very beginning, and we hope our guests will appreciate the experience we are sharing with them.”

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