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US citizen receives life sentence for pedophilia with Vietnamese children

US citizen receives life sentence for pedophilia with Vietnamese children - Photo 1.

HSI agents catch criminals – Screenshot

In a statement issued on the afternoon of May 31, the US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City said that US citizens Christopher Edwin Day sentenced to life in prison in TCourt of Central Florida (USA) on May 16.

This case dates back to the summer of 2016 when a local NGO in Hanoi reported a possible case of sexual abuse of a boy to the US Homeland Security Investigations Agency. (HSI) in Vietnam.

HSI Vietnam worked with Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security and the US State Department’s Regional Security Office in Hanoi to identify and interview more than 10 Day victims and their parents.

With the support of Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security, US agents arrested 49-year-old Christopher Edwin Day in August 2019.

Defendant traveled frequently between Vietnam and Florida for many years to meet and sexually abuse underage boys.

Day befriended these children online and solicited, then tried to buy the victim’s silence with money and gifts.

According to the indictment, beginning around December 2014, Christopher used electronic devices to coax two Vietnamese minors into engaging in illegal sexual activities.

Then, from March 2015 to February 2016, this suspect continued to travel to many US states and abroad, searching for minors with the same purpose.

During the sentencing process, one victim shared about the devastating consequences of being abused by Day. According to the testimony, the victim had to miss school, suffered from insomnia, and had difficulty socializing and maintaining a job.

“This young man’s testimony highlights the profoundly long-lasting negative effects of crimes of sexual exploitation on victims,” ​​said Vietnam’s national attaché HSI. The abuser cannot continue to harm any other child providing some comfort and helping the victim begin to heal.”

HSI is a key investigative force under the US Department of Homeland Security and plays a pivotal role in combating criminal organizations that take advantage of US systems for travel, commerce, and finance. illegal entry and exit.

HSI is also a global pioneer in combating the crimes of sexual exploitation of children. With more than 200 domestic offices in the United States and 80 representative offices abroad, HSI federal criminal agents have the ability to follow a case anywhere in the world.

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