Vietnamese stars who were victims of school violence

The online community is stirring up before the clip and information related to school violence at a famous international school in Ho Chi Minh City. Regarding this problem, many Vietnamese stars They also expressed their fear and said that they were bullied and abused themselves when they were at school.

Ngoc Thanh Tam

On her personal page, actress Ngoc Thanh Tam recently said that she is an alumnus of Ho Chi Minh City International School, spent 8 years here, from grade 5 to grade 12. The actress confided, She felt very sad because she was also a victim of school violence. However, Ngoc Thanh Tam said that she and her family, especially her mother, still believe in the school’s handling.

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Ngoc Thanh Tam was a victim of school violence.

“About students bullying each other, even when I studied there, I was also a victim. A French friend came to pull down my gym pants and I was a new student. I was shocked but didn’t. brave enough to protest. My brother who went to the same school tried to handle it, but the teacher intervened and then handled it responsibly. To this day, I still have faith in the teacher’s ability to handle it.”the actress shared.

Vietnamese stars who were victims of school violence - 2

Ngoc Thanh Tam in her student days.

Commenting under the article, besides sympathizing with Ngoc Thanh Tam, netizens expressed their hope that relevant people will soon show their responsibility and protect children against school violence.

Duc Phuc

Has a gentle and shy personality, so it’s easy to understand Duc Phuc been a victim of school violence. He even called it a journey of blood, tears and hurt. “I was beaten by my friends all the way from school to home, but I still bit my teeth to bear the pain, but didn’t hit back“, the male singer revealed.

Duc Phuc rarely mentioned his school days when he was often bullied. It wasn’t until he actively shared in a recent program that the audience knew about its seriousness.

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Duc Phuc gritted his teeth and suffered the beatings of his friends.

“I’ve always hated school violence. In the past, when I went to school, I was the gentle type. When I was out, I was always in class. The delinquents still bullied me even though I just sat still. Fortunately, back then, They didn’t hit me much. They just threatened to beat me, threatened me by putting geckos on my head, pouring salt and pepper on my head. My feeling at that time was very desperate. There were times when I didn’t wash my hair for three or four days. , but they poured salt and pepper on their head, it felt terrible.

In my class that day, the girls were often beaten. I’m not the one being beaten, but because of my shy nature, every time I see that scene, my whole body trembles. I stood and watched for a while and then went out again. I don’t feel right but there’s nothing I can do. After that, I decided to go down and call security, but did not dare to reveal my identity. I’m so scared, I never want to see school violence again because I’m a victim of it.” male singer shared.

Hari Won

Growing up in Korea, Hari Won also encountered the same thing. MC Tran Thanh’s wife said that she once fell into a heavy psychological state, tired of being hurt, scared and angry at being bullied.

The singer recounted: “When I was at school, a friend said to Hari: ‘Give me a chance to finish school’. That is probably a statement that I, like many other students, fear terribly. Once, I was so scared that I had to choose to skip school. When the teacher asked the reason why, I did not dare to answer honestly, only daring to lie, “I am not in good health”. During those times, my father discovered that, although I was very scared, I had to tell him honestly that I was afraid of being beaten by my friends.”

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Hari Won suffered from depression for a while while being bullied.

Because her parents and teachers patted and encouraged her, Hari gradually overcame her fear. Through her story, Hari wants children to be equipped with knowledge to speak up when being abused; Teachers and families also need to pay more attention to their children.

Diva My Linh

A brave and strong person like My Linh has also been a victim of council beatings, which happens from day to day. She once shared on her personal page: “When I was a child, I was a victim of council beatings, day in and day out. Not because I was poor, not because I was stupid or slow, but because I didn’t integrate and wasn’t like my friends in the neighborhood.”

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When she was a child, diva My Linh was bullied and beaten by her friends.

The female singer said that the council beating sometimes stems from the fact that children have nothing to play, so “humiliating others for fun”. There’s always the ferocious kid at the helm, and there’s always some familiar audience watching, cheering, or not reacting.

“I will never forget how scary it is when children are herd and evil unconsciously. There are evil children from childhood, they will also choose to live like that with life when they grow up.”the female singer expressed.

Phi Thanh Van

Phi Thanh Van many times confided that in her childhood, she was bullied by friends. “Believe it, I was bullied by my friends just because I was… ugly. When I was 8 years old, my family moved to Saigon to live. When I went to school, I was ridiculed and shunned by friends because I was too skinny. , gummy smile”she shared.

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Obsessed with being criticized for her school appearance, Phi Thanh Van rushed into plastic surgery.

Phi Thanh Van said, just because of her poor beauty, once she was thrown a can on her forehead by a friend, blood flowing all over her face. Seeing her cry out in pain, her friends just laughed and mocked her, she just ran home crying and told her mother.

The “Ugly Girl” actress admits, her obsession with appearance makes her ready to plunge into plastic surgery later. Her strength and fortitude were also trained from school years being bullied by friends like that.

Runner-up Huyen My

Huyen My said, right from the first grade, she was teased and threatened to the point that she had to ask her parents for a transfer. “The first day of grade 1, I was hidden by my classmates, and then teased and threatened by my classmates just because ‘Why are you so ugly?’ I was hated by my friends because they thought I was ugly, like a boy.” Huyen My recounted.

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Huyen My was isolated by her friends.

In 10th grade, Huyen My was also ostracized by her classmates. “When I was in 10th grade, I joined the modeling business. It was the fact that I became a model that made my classmates disliked. You mocked me for having a thin body but also became a model. Some even said straight to me: ‘Do you think it’s good for you to be a model?'”. In class, she was isolated by her friends, her best friend also turned her back, Huyen My said that at that time going to school was terrible for her.

Elly Tran

The hottest mother of two children in Vietnamese showbiz was also bullied by her ugly appearance. Once she was beaten by girls because a boy in her class liked her.

Vietnamese stars who were victims of school violence - 8

Elly Tran was once criticized for her school appearance.

“At that time I was very eccentric, wearing thick glasses but unfortunately that friend liked me, so I was beaten. Because I am a victim of school violence, I always teach my children to never solve problems with such violence.”Elly Tran confided.

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