When did Hanoi’s first golf course exist?

King Bao Dai has many famous sports interests such as tennis, windsurfing, boat racing, driving fast cars, even flying sports planes…. The first sport he learned to play was tennis when he was 11 years old, but in his memoir “Dragon of Annam” published in French in France in 1980, he did not specify the process of practicing the sport. how is this.

But in the same book, the king wrote about his hobby of golf: “Depending on the season, I also play golf. Next to Hue citadel, among the peaceful grassy hills, I set up a golf course, no different from famous golf courses in Europe, for regular practice.”

Because of this hobby, King Bao Dai built the largest golf course at that time in Da Le village (now Da Le ward, Huong Thuy town, Thua Thien – Hue) about 16km from the center. It can be said that King Bao Dai was the first to bring this sport to his home country.

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In the Ha Thanh Ngo newspaper No. 1882, dated December 10, 1933, it was reported that King Bao Dai played golf at the Champ des courses in Ha Dong province (now the Horse Stadium). during the Northern Journey in 1933 as follows: “At three o’clock in the afternoon, His Majesty wore golf, in a shirt, in addition to a sleeveless pivolley, white pants, and a tube covered in socks, went to the golf course. His Majesty played golf for almost an hour with Dr. Cartoux and many others. It wasn’t until nearly five o’clock in the afternoon that the game ended…”.

Below the article are attached 2 photos of King Bao Dai playing golf, in which, 1 photo of the king preparing the “swing” (turning) to bring the ball up from the sand pit, 1 photo of the king preparing to play golf. has a “put” position on the grass. However, about golf courses in the North built by the French, currently there are not many documents.

Through archival documents currently preserved at the National Archives Center I, in the dispatch No. 187-cab/sport dated March 27, 1939, the Governor of Tonkin requested the Ambassadors of the provinces, the Commanders of the Religions. Quan Binh, Managers of Hanoi and Hai Phong provide a list of land for golf courses in their respective localities. In the reply to the above telegram, the Director of Hanoi stated: “Currently, there is no golf course in Hanoi; however there is a golf course located in the Racecourse”.

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It is known that this golf resort was established in 1927 and is open all year round, about 5 km from the center of Hanoi. The number of golf holes is 9 holes, the length of the playing route is 2,205m. The entrance fee is 20 VND/person or/family. The cost of hiring a caddy is 0.25 VND for 18 holes. This golf course is owned by Hanoi Sports Club. Total golf membership is 35 people.

In a report sent to the Governor of Tonkin on October 13, 1939 on the golf course construction project, Ambassador Ha Dong stated: The golfing members of the Hanoi Sports Club wanted to build a golf course entirely. meeting more criteria than the existing golfing area and the planned construction land is about 7 hectares in size in Vinh Phuc and Lieu Giai villages. However, this project was not implemented due to the resistance of the people of the two villages.

Reference: TTLTQGI.

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