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Why didn’t the concubine make a sound when the imperial court was with the emperor?

The harem of ancient Chinese emperors was described by ancient writers with the phrase “three thousand beauties” and “three thousand beautiful women”. There are too many concubines, so the path of the concubines and beauties to the long sieve is more arduous than ever.

It’s difficult, but the concubines are trying their best to have the opportunity to become a beautiful woman favored by the emperor to have a higher position.

Coming here, many people think they will enjoy a comfortable life, but the truth is that the concubines in the ancient Chinese harem are bound by countless rules of law. Even private matters such as “making love” with the king were forced to comply with many strict controls.

Why didn't the concubine make a sound when the imperial court was with the emperor?  - Photo 1.

When she was with the emperor, the concubine made no sound.

Strict rules

Those who regularly follow the genre of palace films must have realized, the rules of the court of the Qing emperor are complicated. Among the countless concubines and beauties, the Emperor kept only a few names that they especially loved. These names are engraved on a plate of cards placed in a large jar located above the sieve. When the king wants to visit the palace, he will turn over the cards so that the eunuch prepares to bring his concubine to serve.

Those who were favored by the king would have to bathe, take off their clothes, wrap themselves in a large blanket woven of golden silk and carry them to the king’s bed. Concubines, beautiful women have to “crawl” on their own and get into the blanket. After their marriage, they will crawl back out of bed, wrap themselves in blankets before being taken back to the palace by the eunuch.

The king’s visitation process will be kept under house arrest by Kinh Su room, carefully monitored and recorded by the eunuch.

Regarding the time of intercourse, to ensure the emperor’s body, the eunuch was also allowed to stand outside and shout continuously so that the Emperor would know and finish the job in accordance with regulations.

Why didn't the concubine make a sound when the imperial court was with the emperor?  - Photo 2.

Emperors also had to follow strict rules when impregnating.

In addition to the above rules, for concubines, they must also follow strict rules. In addition to absolutely not wearing jewelry when being impregnated by the king, during sex, they are not allowed to make any noises. This law is not specified in any legal documents of the Qing Dynasty, but is considered an “unwritten” rule that everyone understands.

The eunuchs, in addition to standing right outside the palace to remind the king about the time, are also ready to make unexpected requests from the master, if any.

If an assassin appeared or the concubine herself wanted to kill the emperor, the noise would make the eunuchs and soldiers standing outside unable to grasp the situation to save the price. Therefore, the concubine must follow the rule not to let out any screams during the ceremony.

However, there is also another interpretation of the above rule. Accordingly, it was created for no other purpose than to keep the emperor’s sanctity. The emperor wanted to save face, and did not want to be known as excessive sex, so he forced his concubines not to make any sound during the process of grace.

After the concubine was finished impregnating, they were not allowed to stay in the room with the emperor for too long. Only the queen has this privilege.

If you accidentally or try to violate the above rules, the concubine will be dealt with immediately in many forms such as detention, penalty of kneeling, slapping the mouth, beating with a stick, being demoted to the rank of slave, being sent to the palace. …

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