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Wife often insults husband’s parents

I said many times that my wife must not insult my house. I just put it out of my ear and then I go back to it.

I am 36 years old, my wife is 32 years old. In family life, my wife often gets angry and insults her husband’s parents, making me feel suffocated. Everyone finished cleaning the house, the wife also wiped it with her hand to see if it was clean or not. My mom and I don’t cook well, but not to the point of burning the pot. When I don’t like my wife’s taste, she scolds me: “Cooking like a pig”. When my mother cooks, my wife says: “Like feeding dogs and cats”. Not satisfied with anything, my wife pulled out my parents and genealogy, talking about stupid and lazy people.

>> My wife insulted my mother severely

I like peace, what is not too much should not offend each other’s parents. Now my mother has a serious illness, she can’t live much longer, her wife said: “It’s because of food and drink”. My wife does not have to take care or contribute a dime to take care of my mother. She hates her mother-in-law because she lived together a month after her birth, but my mother’s cooking doesn’t suit her taste. I also do not ask my wife for money to take care of my mother.

My wife knew that I had to take care of my mother with a lot of money, so she told me: “There are no coins in my pocket”. I yelled at my son every time he was bad, my wife called me my brother and started arguing, while my wife often yelled and beat me. Whatever I do, my wife finds an excuse to argue. I just ignored it, time to do nothing. I decided to divorce, from the day I told my wife that, it seemed that my life was easy to breathe. Am I doing it right or wrong?


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