Without getting rid of these 7 factors, no wonder why they can’t keep up, just standing still

As the author of “Atomic Habits” puts it: If you improve 1% every day, after a year, you will improve 37 times; And if every day you step back 1%, after a year, you will be back to zero.

A small change, a good habit of you will create compound interest and bring you rich life! In the long run, the gap between rich and poor will become clear, and the longer it lasts, the more transparent this gap will be. So don’t overlook the dual effects of good habits.

Facing the

If you are poor before the age of 40, you can blame your background, but if you are still poor after 40, it must be because something is wrong with you, pushing the responsibility will only make people laugh. .

To avoid that, experts have summarized 7 typical bad habits that are “pushing” you down the “pit” of poverty. You can observe “you are poor, you are rich” around you to identify, from which to assess yourself whether you are in the “high-risk group” of becoming poor or not.

    1. Buying too many unnecessary clothes

Fast fashion is a trap that makes people poor.

Many people consider themselves to be superstars or supermodels, often imagining a “stage” in which they can appear in many different occasions and situations. Then, they buy a bunch of clothes that are “only worn once”, or even worn at all after buying a bundle of no chance.

In fact, in the wardrobe, you only need to buy some practical and decent clothes, which not only saves you time to prepare, but also saves unnecessary expenses.

    Facing a

    2. Taking part in too many social meetings and parties

Pointless social gatherings are a real waste of money and time, especially parties with a dress code. Because of the dress code theme, spending time buying some clothes that can’t be worn next time is a waste of money. Worse still, when you join a social party you drink too much, play too crazy, make your morale drop the next day, is it worth it?

Instead of participating in a meaningless social party filled with gossip and vague faces, it is better to read a book at home, get a good night’s sleep and eat a good meal.

    3. Addicted to a few small habits

Small infatuation is sometimes the beginning of a great misfortune.

Many people are addicted to sweets, drinks, fried chicken, cigarettes, alcohol, and even have a hobby of collecting odd things… Addicted to seemingly innocuous little habits, but over time, they become a burden. very heavy. You can indulge in healthy addictions from time to time, but don’t make it a habit.

    4. Like to buy promotional packages, discounts

When seeing the offer to buy 10 get 1 set, get more courses, SPA coupons… Many people are “hungry for their eyes” but don’t hesitate to “swipe the card” right away.

As you piled up on a dozen discounted courses, you thought you’d be able to push yourself to improve each day, but in the end you realize you’ve overestimated your abilities. Anyway, you are not so diligent, it’s better to be a little pragmatic, buy as much as you can.

In contrast, the rich also occasionally buy lottery tickets, but they don’t use half of their income to “risk” this way. Winning the lottery is not a strategy to get rich, they believe that only by working hard can they succeed.

The more you believe in luck, the more you overlook the importance of hard work. This habit will definitely make you “win small bargains, lose big life”.

    5. Likes to buy cheap, promotional items

    Facing the

Do you often buy too many unnecessary things because there are shock prices, promotions, cheap prices? In fact, it’s best to get in the habit of making a “shopping list” and listing the priority order of purchases to avoid “irregular” buying behaviors.

    7. Spending is often beyond means

Buying a car, maintaining a car, taking out a mortgage… When you don’t have wealth and spend beyond your means, this “live today spend money tomorrow” style will only lead to the next infinite cycle of poverty. this.

Think twice before making an impulsive purchase. What you buy is a “debt” for life if it does not stop increasing spending in the future.

The 7 habits that make you “poor and still poor” above are not difficult to predict but often ignored. First, you must form the right consumption habits, so that you can quickly accumulate the first “golden pot”, generate compound interest, and then find the key to the door to wealth.

On the path of financial management, even if you are crawling, you must keep moving forward. “Creating compound interest, delaying enjoyment.” Only those who live a simple life in their youth can become gorgeous after the age of 40!

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