Work must know how to be mindful, in addition to CIRCUIT in SQUARE

1. Moderate speech: Knowing generosity, outside round inside square

From antiquity to the needle, everything cannot be separated from the two words “moderate”. For example, interpersonal relationships need to be controlled, marriage needs to be controlled, and career development also needs to be controlled.

The hardest thing will also be easily broken, so people need to be like water, both strong and gentle.

Writer Co Binh Ao once wrote a story:

I have a friend who stutters and speaks slowly. One day, we met a person asking for directions, who also stuttered like my friend, at that time my friend did not say a word. Then I asked why he didn’t say. My friend replied, “People stutter too, I really want to answer, but if the other person misunderstands that I’m parodying him, that’s not good.”

Speaking and not speaking, although it is only a small act, it is enough to show his concern for others, and at the same time, it can be seen that he is an educated and virtuous person.

People who know how to speak properly, whether to strangers they meet by chance or to family members, will gain more love, even respect. Because if you do, the other person will not only receive nice words, but also understand your concern and goodwill for them, as well as help them understand better what kind of person you are. .

Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh reveals the invincible principle of 'high people': Working must know how to be considerate, besides CIRCUIT in SQUARE - Photo 1.

Because you know, the power of language is so great, it can be a warm flame, but it can also become a murder knife. Whether it is to strangers or relatives, when speaking, it is necessary to have a proper sense, which is living knowledge and luggage to carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Only when you know how to speak in moderation, understand what is called respect, can you have close relationships between people and go smoothly on the road of life.

2. Working with compassion: Keep a humble attitude, yield to people 3 parts

The famous philosopher and educator, Socrates once said, “A perfectly rational heart is like a sharp knife that will cut everyone who uses it.”

The meaning of this sentence is very simple, that is, when dealing with people and things, we must know how to save some gratitude, should not say too much love, and should not work too harshly to avoid unintended things. incurred. Doing this is beneficial for yourself, and at the same time is tolerant of others.

Just like Ly Gia Thanh, Hong Kong’s richest billionaire, to be able to become a good businessman, own the wealth and success like today, he also has one criterion, which is “to make room for everyone” rank”.

Ly Gia Thanh has always believed that making room for others is equivalent to leaving room for oneself.

He taught his son to always consider the interests of partners when doing business, because partners are the ones who benefit and win together with us, so if both sides take 50% of the profit, you should share it with the other party. 60%. It looks very disadvantaged, but it is actually a great wisdom.

Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh reveals the undefeated principle of 'high people': Working must know how to be mindful, outside of CLOSE in SQUARE - Photo 2.

His son Ly Trach Giai also said: “My father told me that when cooperating with other people, it doesn’t matter if they want to receive 7 or 8 shares of the profit, our Li family only needs to receive 6 Part is okay.”

That is the business wisdom of Ly Gia Thanh, when he chooses to make room for others to win for himself. On the contrary, those who speak decisively and never give in will often have no way back and when they reach a dead end, there is only failure.

There was a Buddhist who was very serious about his practice, practiced meditation day and night, but with little success, had to rely on the guidance of a teacher.

After listening, the monk just gave the other Buddhist a pot of gourd and a handful of salt, then said to that person: “You fill the jar with water, then add salt, make it dissolve quickly. out.”

The disciple followed the master’s instructions, but after a while he went to the master again and said, “Teacher, the water is too full to shake. I wanted to use chopsticks to stir it, but the mouth of the jar was too small, so cannot be put in. So the salt has sunk to the bottom, cannot be dissolved!”

After hearing that, the monk laughed and said, “First, pour out some water in the jar, then shake it vigorously to see how?”

The disciple followed immediately and it really worked, the salt in the jar quickly dissolved, and the water was already salty. This time, the disciple finally realized its “true meaning”.

When the water is full, it overflows, when the moon is full, it disappears, when people are complacent, they are proud. The Tao of flexibly dealing with people is that in everything you do, you should give up a little, that is like leaving a way back for yourself, to complete others, as well as to complete yourself.

Life is a journey of cultivating one’s mind and character, in terms of personality, one must know in moderation, not to be too modest, not too modest, sometimes to be cowardly, nor too arrogant, too arrogant will become incompetent. physical.

In terms of personality, it is necessary to promote the inner and outer coordination, to be round outside and square inside, to be rational and loving, not to go to extremes, that is the correct way to be human. tron-in-vuong-20220530134738968.chn

Tran Anh

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