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「SPY×FAMILY」Ending → Comedy/喜劇 by Gen Hoshino | text

♪Anime→ Spy X Family ♪Song→ Comedy ♪Album→ Comedy ♪Artist→ Gen Hoshino ♪Vocal→ Gen Hoshino ♪Lyricist→ Gen Hoshino ♪Composer→Gen Hoshino ⌨Lyrics Src: global/lyrics/gen-hoshino/kigeki/
[◉”]Image source: «Support the artist» https://youtube . com/c/hoshinogenCH «Support the album» hoshinogen -comedy/widget Spy x family comedy Spy x family ending lyrics Gen hoshi comedy Lyrics Spy x family ed lyrics Spy x family comedy translation Spy x family Gen hoshi gen hoshino comedy comedy gen hoshino gen hoshino spy x family ending spy family ending #spyxfamily # comedy #genhoshi #spyxfamilyending #喜劇 ——————————————- – —————————————– 「About this channel」 For song promotion ONLY. All © rights go to their respective creators. ************************************************** **** ******


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