5 types of eyes to read the fate of women without arguing

In anthropology, any feature can tell a person’s life, character, and fate.

The bottom of the eye drops

Women with this trait are often calculating, thrifty, and stingy, but they are good at hiding it, so not everyone realizes this. Not only that, they are also prying people, like to distort things, so life has many turbulence, marriage is difficult to be happy.

Slanted eyes

Women with slanted eyes are often selfish, self-interested, only doing things that are useful to themselves.

They can even turn against their friends if money is involved. This is also one of the noticeable features of the sinister generals, which should be avoided.

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There is one or more wrinkles around the eyes

Follow anthropologyif wrinkles appear at the corners of the eyes but not due to age, based on the number of wrinkles, a woman’s destiny can be guessed.

If it is a small wrinkle or ridge, it shows good predestined relationships, good social relationships, and a fulfilling married life.

However, if there are more than 2 wrinkles, this is a sign that the sand is not healthy. This woman has a bad relationship, easily falls in love with the wrong person, chooses the wrong person to marry. Besides, he has a sinister character and is unpopular with everyone around him.

Besides, if the tail of the eye has wrinkles on the fishtail (fishtail), then this is not a noble general. This wrinkle usually appears in men after the age of 40 and women after the age of 35. Whether male or female, the owner of this trait is eager, promiscuous, and easy to commit adultery.

The bottom of the eye is sunken

Women with concave eyes and exposed bones show that this is a person who is not good at expressing emotions, lacks romance, and has a bad predestined relationship with the opposite sex.

These people are usually quiet, cold on the outside, and somewhat inscrutable in their hearts. They also have more negative thoughts than positive ones.

Full, fleshy eyes

Women with full eyes are mostly very beautiful and have great charm for men. Not only that, they also easily capture the boys’ hearts. Once she noticed someone, it was difficult for that person to escape her grasp.

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