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8 facts about male infertility that not everyone knows – Life Health

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Infertility is a dangerous but treatable condition.

1. Proportion of men infertility getting higher and higher

There are more and more cases showing that men are not able to father children, especially for men over the age of 35. The exact cause of this is not known but their sperm percentage dropped by almost 52%, which is a lot. This continues to decrease every year and so it can cause some problems.

8 facts about male infertility not everyone knows - 1

2. Men also have “periods”

If women have a specific period of time when they are most likely to get pregnant, so is the case with men. The male fertility rate declines after the age of 40, and after that it becomes very difficult to have children. Even if their partner becomes pregnant, the tendency to miscarry increases.

Having a baby after age 40 is not only dangerous for your partner, but it can even affect your child, leading to autism, schizophrenia, and cancer in childhood. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor and plan a pregnancy.

3. Do not wear clothes that are too tight

In a number of studies conducted by Harvard researchers and in some observational cases, it was found that people who wear light clothing such as shorts and pants with a comfortable stretch have higher sperm concentration. higher. Infertility is also related to the choice of clothes you wear and the briefs you use. This is because tight clothing increases the temperature in the scrotum leading to impaired sperm production.

8 facts about male infertility not everyone knows - 2

4. Loss of smell is a symptom of male infertility

There is a condition known as Kallmann Syndrome, which causes a person to have a poor sense of smell or the inability to smell. This condition is also accompanied by delayed puberty or underdevelopment of sex hormones. This condition leads to infertility if left untreated. In this situation, some men show symptoms that delay and improve over time while others require appropriate medical attention.

5. Antibodies attack sperm

This is also a rare case and the antibodies present in the body will be activated by the sperm and attack them back. This condition usually occurs when a man is seriously ill or has an injury. Antibodies interfere with conception, making it difficult for sperm to move forward. This leads to male infertility. This type of male infertility is called immune infertility.

6. Sleep duration also affects reproduction

Under some conditions, fertility rates are affected by the body’s sleep duration. This is related to the length of rest and the amount of semen produced. It was found that men who slept more than 9 hours a day had a greater decrease in sperm count than those who slept 7 hours a day. The established optimal sleep duration for young men is around 7-7.5 hours.

7. Food choice problem

8 facts about male infertility not everyone knows - 3

Food choices and number of meals a day also affect fertility and sperm count. People who eat processed meat almost every day have lower sperm counts than others. Doctors also recommend that men avoid foods that are too high in fat, sugar, red meat and soy, and eliminate them from their diets to increase sperm count and improve overall health. To reduce the risk of infertility, it is advisable to eat more fruits that contain antioxidants. Men can also eat good foods such as:

– Grains

– Green vegetables

– Nuts

– Fish and other lean animal protein

8. Putting your phone in your front pocket increases your chances of infertility

Most men tend to keep their cell phones in the front pocket of their trousers or jeans. This can really affect the scrotum as it causes heat which reduces sperm count. It’s not limited to phones, but any device that generates heat or can interfere with a man’s sperm production should be avoided. People who work with laptops should not rest on their laps while doing so because doing so can also cause infertility due to severe heat exposure.

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