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A woman was ‘sexually assaulted’ in the metaverse

Horizon Worlds is one of Meta’s greatest efforts to create experiences world real virtual. However, the first concerns about the metaverse are beginning to emerge.

Follow Wionews, the metaverse was launched by CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Meta with many highlights in connecting people online, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Even so, like social media platforms there are many other vulnerabilities, metaverse also has its own evils.

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s big step into the “virtual universe” field


A new report from SumOfUs, a nonprofit advocacy organization and online community, says a 21-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and harassed within 1 hour of participating in the metaverse.

The unnamed woman, who works as a researcher for SumOfUs‚, said that her avatar was “raped” by a male avatar after she was led into a private room by him. a party on Horizon Worlds. Even though everything is going virtual, the woman can sense unwanted bumps and fumbles through the VR controller. In the metaverse, when the user is touched by someone else, the hand controller vibrates to create a near-realistic experience.

“It happened so fast it made me feel uncomfortable. A part of my brain is like a sexual assault is happening,” the female victim said, believing it to be an important issue.

Responding to the incident, a representative of Meta “We don’t recommend turning off safety features with people you don’t know,” said.

The SumOfUs report also lists other instances of sexual harassment that have occurred in the metaverse. SumOfUs says VR users have long reported issues of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, racism, and invasion of personal space across countless apps.

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