Aespa’s college sand controversy

Aespa’s university stages are controversial because of the quality of the performances but the high salaries.

In recent days, two university stages of SM’s 4th generation girl group aespa became a hot topic on the forums.

But instead of causing a fever thanks to aespa’s attractive vocals or performance, the stages at aespa’s Hanyang and Korea University were controversial because aespa lip-synced and superficially choreographed.

Aespa-1's college sand controversy
Two stages at aespa’s recent university
Aespa-2's college sand controversy
Despite appearing beautiful and well groomed, aepsa is being criticized for her performance skills

However, the salary level to invite aespa to perform is really high. As revealed from a hot topic on Korean MXH, the price to invite aespa is up to nearly 1 billion. Meanwhile, Red Velvet or AKMU is more modest with 750 million dong and especially, a global name like PSY is only 280 million dong.

Aespa-3's college sand controversy
Big names like PSY are surprised by the “comfortable” salary level

Aespa-4's college sand controversy
Red Velvet is also often familiar with university stages

Compared to the name and influence of PSY or senior Red Velvet, a 4th generation group like aespa has a high salary, which arouses a debate about whether it is worth spending that huge amount of money to invite aespa. Not to mention, the fact that aepsa lip-syncing also makes this controversy more intense.

Some comments of Knet:

– Take 50 million won and lip-sync. Very relaxed.

– I think PSY lowered the price because he just released the album and he himself likes to act in the hall. Once you watch PSY in college you will understand why he loves it.

– That price is no different from PSY volunteering. Bring all the dancers, managers and staff to go, how many vehicles are needed. Then there’s the cost of the costumes, the hair, the makeup, this time it’s really a charity act.

– PSY seems to really enjoy the atmosphere in the hall!

– This group is just a dance group. Singers have to sing live.

– aespa is always lip sync but why spend so much money to invite? Now that I know that the university event is their dance practice stage.

According to Young Intellectuals

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