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AstraZeneca wishes to expand its presence in Vietnam

  AstraZeneca wishes to expand its presence in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh receives Mr. Pascal Soriot, General Director of AstraZeneca Group. (Photo: VGP)

In an open and sincere atmosphere, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh welcomed Mr. Pascal Soriot back to Vietnam after 25 years to witness with his own eyes the achievements in epidemic prevention and control and economic development of Vietnam.

These achievements have the practical contributions of many countries and organizations, including AstraZeneca Corporation, which not only provide early and timely vaccines but also give preferential treatment to Vietnam. The Prime Minister affirmed that the Government and people of Vietnam will never forget the valuable sharing and help of AstraZeneca with Vietnam.

The Prime Minister affirmed that, thanks to the 5K formula + vaccines, drugs + treatment + technology + people’s awareness, in which vaccines play a very important role, Vietnam has basically controlled the epidemic international tourism door from March 15, 2022.

The Prime Minister also shared with Mr. Pascal Soriot Vietnam’s experience in disease prevention, based on 3 main pillars: the narrowest and fastest possible isolation, rapid testing and faster than the spread of the epidemic. disease as well as early treatment, from a distance.

SeaGames 31, the largest sporting event in the region, was recently held safely and successfully in Vietnam with the participation of thousands of athletes and a large audience, demonstrating the region’s overall victory in the tournament. the fight against the epidemic.

Thanking the Prime Minister for the warm welcome, Mr. Pascal Soriot affirmed that Vietnam always has a special place in his heart. AstraZeneca’s General Director affirmed that this visit to Vietnam is aimed at deepening the existing good cooperation relationship between the Group and Vietnam.

Having witnessed with his own eyes the achievements that Vietnam has achieved, Mr. Pascal Soriot admires and is impressed by Vietnam’s efforts to realize dual goals, demonstrating the leadership and administration capacity of the Government of Vietnam.

AstraZeneca is one of the three leading corporations in the world in research and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and wishes to expand its presence in Vietnam. On that basis, Mr. Pascal Soriot pledged that AstraZeneca would work closely with the Government of Vietnam to improve medical and treatment capacity, develop the pharmaceutical industry, and be ready to transfer vaccine production technology to Vietnam. Male.

Welcoming the decision to invest $90 million in a pharmaceutical production project of the Group in Vietnam, the Prime Minister wished to raise the level of relations with AstraZeneca towards strategic cooperation in the production of vaccines, therapeutics, drug sharing and distribution. share management experience, train human resources and support Vietnam in implementing the emission reduction targets committed at the COP26 Summit.

The Prime Minister said that the development strategy of AstraZeneca is completely consistent with the strategy, vision and thinking of Vietnam in protecting people’s health and sustainable development. Therefore, it is inevitable and objective that the two sides promote and deepen the cooperation relationship that has a foundation of 25 years.

In response to the Prime Minister’s request, Mr. Pascal Soriot pledged that AstraZeneca would invest more to improve health capacity and train human resources in Vietnam.

The General Director of AstraZeneca expressed particularly impressed with Vietnam’s strong commitment at COP26 and affirmed that if all countries were as committed as Vietnam, the world would certainly be more beautiful.

He said, AstraZeneca is currently investing $ 400 million in afforestation projects in countries around the world with the goal of planting 1 billion trees globally by 2026 and hopes to be able to implement the project in Vietnam. Vietnam, contributing to support Vietnam in achieving its targets on greenhouse gas emission reduction and green development.

This is the third time the Prime Minister has discussed with the head of AstraZeneca after a phone call on August 19, 2021 and a face-to-face meeting in the United Kingdom on November 2, 2021 on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s attendance at the COP26 Summit. Through the meetings and cooperation between Vietnam and AstraZeneca Group, it has become deeper and deeper, contributing to the implementation of the consistent and transparent policy of the Party and State of putting the health and safety of the people first. over and above all.

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