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Breaking up after 20 days I have a new person

I used to think trying to calmly accept and let go, but love has its own reasons. Or do you love me so much and sincerely that it’s hard to forget?

After 20 short days of parting, you have found someone new, while I am still in shock because of the unexpected end of our story. I try to learn to forget and accept fate, but things are not so easy. You were there for me when I was at my worst. Now when you are in a very difficult situation, I choose to be silent, indifferent and leave. I don’t believe you don’t have a heart. Even strangers can care about each other, let alone we used to be very close. We still live in the same city, from time to time I pass by you, I still see your silhouette, I run by and silently shed tears.

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Forgetting someone is so hard for me. I just sometimes wonder how you can forget so quickly. Sometimes in my heart I suddenly remember you, the woman who volunteered to be by my side when I was in the most difficult time. Do all the women who are with the man in difficult times, when there is nothing, and do not ask for material things, receive the same tragic end as me? People tell me to forget it because I don’t deserve to be sincere, but love, if you have the sanity to calculate the truth, what is real love. In love, who loves more than that person loses, right? In this relationship, I lost. I don’t hate you because hatred only makes people suffer more.

When a relationship falls apart, I know no one is right, and no one is completely wrong. What I did wrong, I want to sincerely apologize to you. If you read the article, don’t think I’m weak and sentimental, I just need time to heal. I’ll let myself be sad for a while, then go on with my daily life.

June 30, 2021 and directive 16 will definitely stick with you, never to forget. Later, perhaps only when I recall the Covid pandemic, I may remember you. And now, you’re having fun with your new love, aren’t you?


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