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BTS meets President Biden

The Korean group BTS met with US President Joe Biden at the White House, speaking about hate for Asians.

Follow YNA, on May 31, seven members talked with Mr. Biden, one of the discussion topics was the discrimination of Asians in the US. Team leader RM thanked the US president for signing a law to prevent assault, discrimination and crime against people of Asian descent.

President Joe Biden and BTS members.  Photo: Twitter/BTS-Bighit

President Joe Biden and BTS members. Image: Twitter/BTS-Bighit

The US President said that many viewers were interested in BTS’s words and actions, praising the group as excellent artists and bringing a positive influence to the community.

Before meeting Mr. Biden, the seven members held a press conference at the White House. The five-minute meeting, broadcast live, attracted about 300,000 followers. Member Suga calls for people to be tolerant of each other. He said: “The difference is not fault, the origin of equality is that people open their hearts to the differences of the people around them”.

As for member V, each person has their own past and story, and he wants people to respect and understand each other.

BTS - Butter

MV “Butter” by BTS. Video: Big Hit

BTS is the top outstanding group in the world, consisting of seven members: J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok), Jin (Kim Seok Jin), Rap Monster (Kim Nam Joon), V (Kim Tae Hyung), Suga (Min Yoon Gi), Jungkook and Park Jimin. The group is evaluated by experts as an important and contributing factor billion USD for the Korean economy. Their music products caused global fever, constantly breaking records in terms of sales and online streams. In recent years, the group has become the “beloved” of European and American media, regularly appearing at major award ceremonies.

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