Captured Mien Miu after 1 day of prison break

Trieu Quan Quan was officially caught by the authorities while hiding in Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa.

In the early afternoon of June 1, the functional forces officially arrested Trieu Quan – a dangerous criminal who had just escaped from the camp in Thanh Hoa.

Trieu Quan Quan is serving a life sentence at a prison under the Criminal Investigation Department in Thanh Long Commune, Thach Thanh District, Thanh Hoa Province. But at about 5:00 p.m. on May 31, the escape from prison.

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In the morning of the same day, functional forces searched for escaped prisoner Trieu Quan Quan, in which internet game stores in Thanh Hoa were monitored and monitored.

Follow Tien Phong, in Thanh Long commune, Thach Thanh district (Thanh Hoa) – the location of Prison T974 belonging to the Criminal Investigation Department, Ministry of National Defense – after receiving information about inmate Trieu Quan escaping from camp, the local authorities established checkpoints to coordinate with functional forces to arrest; People living around the closed area go to rest early on the night of May 31; People’s activities are vigilant.

Internet game shops and shops in the area are monitored and monitored by functional forces.

Currently, there is no official information on how Zhao Jun escaped from the prison nor recorded any damage to people from the time of the escape from the camp to the late morning of June 1.

According to research, Trieu Quan Quan is carrying 4 convictions and has escaped from prison 4 times. According to the judgment dated December 18, 2020, the Military Court of Military Zone 5 sentenced Su to 6 years in prison for two crimes of escaping from prison and stealing property. The total penalty with the previous sentence, The general penalty is life imprisonment.

At the trial, the absence of opinion participated in the argument and agreed with the point of view of the procuracy. As a last word, Promise will try to improve well so that she can soon enjoy leniency and return home.

The indictment shows that at about 13:30 on June 3, 2020, according to the prison’s re-education labor plan, Su was extracted to serve as a kitchen assistant in the prison with other prisoners. At about 14:20 on the same day, taking advantage of the supervisor’s loophole, the escape went out.

The thief entered people’s houses to steal clothes to wear and then continued to run towards National Highway 1. On the way to escape, he stole people’s mobile phones and motorbikes.

On 4-6, the motorbike driver to Nam Hai Van pass was stopped by the traffic police force to check, but abandoned the car and fled to the forest.

The escape and on June 18 was arrested while playing a game in Tam Ky city (Quang Nam). At the time of the crime, Su was a prisoner serving a life sentence at the Central Region Military Detention Center (Military Zone 5). Having 3 previous convictions include: murder, robbery, desertion; crime of escaping from prison; crime of escaping from prison, intentionally causing injury.

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