Ceragem Master V3 – world-class product from Korea

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Ceragem Company is a healthcare company founded in 1998 and present in more than 70 countries worldwide. In which, Ceragem Vietnam was established in 2008, so far there are more than 60 operating centers across the country.

Ceragem always makes constant efforts to bring healthy and happy lives to customers, while continuing to participate in social activities, committed to fulfilling corporate responsibilities for the community.

The Master V3 is a typical product of Ceragem company, which is appreciated for its excellence due to its competitiveness, stability, durability and high efficiency. This is a smart massage machine suitable for many ages thanks to its outstanding features.

The machine’s automatic recognition of the length and curvature of the spine will set up a suitable massage program for each individual, along with 6 intensity levels and 12 diverse massage modes to create a unique massage experience for each person. user.

Moreover, the Master V3 machine has a modern sliding open design, when not in use, it can be closed like a sofa to optimize space saving.

See more about Ceragem Vietnam here: http://ceragem.vn/ or contact Ceragem at:


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