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Challenge your courage with the horror “4-legged snake” specialty of the gardeners

Challenge your courage with the horror

The termite snake is a reptile, similar in shape to a gecko, but larger and covered with shiny scales. The name of the termite snake comes from the fact that they love to eat termites in the dry leaves or rotting stumps. Part of this animal looks like snakes with legs. This is why Westerners call them “four-legged snakes”.

This species is extremely popular in our country. They often crawl on the ground, outside the garden, even sometimes appear on the wall of leaves in the house. Termite snakes have very sharp noses and tongues to hunt, they run very fast and can “sacrifice” their tails to escape when in danger.

Challenge your courage with the horror

Termites appear most on sunny days. Experienced termite fishers often tell each other that, when fishing, you must not talk with the word “termite” but must replace it with “four-legged”, otherwise no one will bite.

Fishing for termites is not difficult, even children here can catch them. Just take some cold rice mixed with bran, peel a few rice husk shrimps and hook them on a hook, and gently drop them into the bushes where snakes and termites live. When the snake’s mouth is just hooked on the hook, one pull it up and it’s done. After an hour or so at noon, a few fishermen can catch a few dozen termites for meat.

According to folk experience, termite snake meat is a tonic with very high nutritional value. Children sleep wheezing at night, eating termite snake meat will heal, women eating termite snake meat will help smooth skin…

How to make a termite snake is also simple: Put the kettle on boiling water, kill the termite snake, then put it in a bowl to prepare boiling water, soak it for 1-2 minutes, remove the scales, remove all the intestines, keep the liver. and the fat layer around the abdominal wall.

In particular, the connoisseurs of the garden say that at all costs, the tail must be kept, because the tail is the most nutritious dish, but it is easy to break when catching or killing termites.

In the process of butchering, it is advisable to limit washing of termites with cold water because it is prone to fishy odors, it is best to wash it with white wine. After preliminary processing, looking at the basket of white termite snake meat is not attractive, but when it is processed into a dish, few people really can resist.

Termite snake meat can make a lot of delicious dishes such as charcoal grilled, deep fried, fried with lemongrass and chili, termite snake porridge… Every dish is easy to prepare but has a rich and distinctive flavor.

Challenge your courage with the horror

After cleaning, the fastest and easiest dish to prepare is the deep-fried termite snake. Just cut the snake in two, marinate the seasonings to taste (sliced ​​onion root, minced garlic, ground pepper, seasoning powder, do not marinate in sugar because frying will burn), add a little fish sauce, then put a pan of fat. On the stove, fry until golden.

When eating, diners will be instructed to use with a few stalks of herbs or cucumbers. This dish is suitable with rice or as a side dish.

Challenge your courage with the horror

Grilled termite snakes

If you do not have much time to wait for processing, diners can enjoy grilled termite snakes. The termite snake does not need to make skin, cut open the abdomen, just beat it to death and then put it in the hot coal fire, wait a bit for the scales to scorch the yellow fat. When it is ripe, the chef takes out the tree one by one, scrapes off the burnt scales, breaks it into pieces, and dips it in hot salt. Snake meat is sweet, fragrant and delicious, making an impression from the first time you eat it.

Challenge your courage with the horror

Grilled termite snake with guise leaves

If it’s more elaborate, we can mince the termite snake with a little bit of lard, season it with spices and then roll the bay leaves grilled over embers, fragrant. The sweet and fatty taste of grilled termite snake meat mixed with the characteristic aroma of guise leaves makes everyone who eats it compliments it’s delicious taste.

Or another equally special dish is the termite snake cooked with porridge. People cook boiled termite snake meat and then briefly sauté it with onions, garlic, pepper, and fish sauce to absorb. Then use the snake’s broth to cook the porridge until tender, then add the snake meat and seasoning to taste. The natural sweetness of termites mixed with fragrant roasted rice porridge will be imprinted in the minds of diners.

Challenge your courage with the horror

Before, not many people knew how to eat snakes. But in recent years, snakes and termites have become a specialty, and people are actively hunting. The dish gradually became popular in the restaurants in the city. But perhaps the most attractive is still in the countryside. No need to go to high-class restaurants, bring your own rods to fish for termites, bring back for people to process and enjoy the rustic dishes of the West.

Challenge your courage with the horror

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