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Choose Green Together with Shopee to support green businesses and encourage sustainable lifestyles

Choose Green Together with Shopee support green businesses and encourage sustainable lifestyles - Photo 1.

In this campaign, Shopee cooperates with Sellers and Brands to introduce to consumers a list of environmentally friendly products and services, contributing to spreading the sustainable lifestyle in Vietnam.

Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Managing Director, Shopee Vietnam shared: “In recent years, we have noticed that users in Vietnam are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products. I always strive to support users’ needs and join hands to promote new consumption trends.This “Choose Green With Shopee” campaign is one of our initiatives to connect businesses and users. support a green lifestyle, towards environmental protection. We look forward to accompanying users, sellers and partners to contribute more to sustainable development in the future.”

“Choose Green With Shopee” will take place from June 1 to 8. Throughout the campaign, users can learn more about how to shop sustainably and form a more eco-friendly lifestyle with Shopee. through activities.

Support green businesses

Shopee presents a collection of eco-friendly products from reputable Sellers and Brand Partners such as Aaa Jeans with its coffee-blend jeans product line and AnEco with household products that are claimed to have degradable within a year.

Through this campaign, Shopee wishes to connect users with sustainable services from reputable partners such as VinFast, Zoo and Botanical Garden. At the same time, Shopee cooperates with Vinfast to bring users exclusive offers for electric motorcycles Feliz, Klara S, Vento and Theon. Besides, ShopeePay cooperates with Zoo and Botanical Garden to bring a 10% discount for users when buying tickets online.

Ms. Ta Thu Quynh, CEO & Founder of Aaa Jeans brand shared: “We are happy that the products created by Aaa Jeans have a good impact on the community, and even happier when accompanying Shopee to spread the word. This positivity reaches more people. We hope there will be more brands in Vietnam that use “green” ingredients to create environmentally friendly products.”

Besides, through the content updated every day at the website of the campaign “Choose Green With Shopee”users can learn more about green lifestyle and get many useful tips for more sustainable consumption step by step.

Contribute to sustainability efforts

In response to World Environment Day 2022, Shopee cooperates with Vietnam Recycles to launch the “30 Days of Green Living” program with activities to encourage users to learn and actively participate in garbage sorting.

Also within the framework of this program, when bringing e-waste to Recycling Vietnam’s receiving points, users will receive many attractive incentives such as: Double the number of member points of Vietnam Recycling and Get a discount code of 50,000 VND from Shopee.

Ms. Mai Hang, Managing Representative, Vietnam Recycling Program said: “The mindset of Vietnamese consumers has changed quite markedly in the last few years, as evidenced by the recall results of Vietnam Recycles. Processing has increased quite a lot year by year. People have been more proactive in bringing their own e-waste to collection points for proper disposal, which proves that people are more aware of the harmful effects of waste. In June, Vietnam Recycles will join Shopee to launch the “30 Days of Green Living” campaign in response to World Environment Day 2022. We hope the program this time will help people raise the spirit and sense of responsibility in reducing waste and protecting the environment.”


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