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Crisis of 1929 American Way of Life | American Lifestyle | Crazy 20s | summary

Crisis of 1929 American Way Of Life and “The Roaring Twenties”. I see the effects of the boom in the North American economy during the Roaring 20’s, which created a situation of full employment, high income and high consumption patterns in the moments before the New York Stock Exchange crashed. 1929 Crisis Complete Playlist 1) What was the 1929 Crisis? 2) 1929 Crisis and Stock Market Crash | Basic Concepts 3) 1929 Crisis Overproduction 5) 1929 Crisis New York Stock Market Crash 6) Crisis of 1929 Consequences https: // 7) Crisis of 1929 Great Depression 8) Crisis of 1929 New Deal 9) Crisis of 1929 and Keynesianism https://youtu. be/tDqCzTjRpLk 10) Impact and impact of the 1929 crisis in Brazil Bibliographic references on the 1929 crisis ARRUDA, José Jobson de Andrade. The crisis of liberal capitalism. In: Daniel Aarao Reis Filho; Jorge Ferreira; Celeste Zenha. (org.). The 20th Century. The time of the crisis. Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian Civilization, 2000. GALBRAITH, John Kenneth. 1929: The Great Crisis. São Paulo: Larousse do Brasil, 2010 (189 pages). GAZIER, Bernhard. The Crisis of 1929. Porto Alegre: L&PM Editores, 2009. HOBSBAWM, Eric. The Age of Extremes. The short 20th century. Sao Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 1995. KEYNES, John Maynard. General theory of employment, interest and money. Translator: CRUZ, Mário Ribeiro da. Sao Paulo: Editora Atlas, 1992. PARKER, Selwyn. The Crash of 1929: Lessons from the Great Depression. São Paulo: Globo, 2009. JOIN the HistoriAção Humanas channel 🔴 Slides HistoriAção Humanas in your classes. Learn more: ►​


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