Development vision of the franchise model Clean Plus Laundry

Most brands on the market today focus heavily on marketing to promote and build a brand image for users to know.

However, the leaders who co-founded the Clean Plus Laundry chain understand that the core to developing a brand in the long run is to understand the perceptions, preferences, and desires of customers and help them meet the needs of customers. fully meet those needs.

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The story of the brand name “Clean Laundry Plus” is also inspired by the understanding of “customer behavior”. Mr. Tran Van Long – co-founder of Clean Cong Laundry chain shared, the idea of ​​​​laundry chain business was rekindled in him many years ago, when he was still a student.

Witnessing the drizzly and windy days, people still have to wash their clothes under severe cold weather, while small laundry facilities are very rare in the market or are not qualified to meet the requirements. Meeting all the laundry needs of the people, so in the following years, he constantly researched and made efforts to build a model of a professional laundry chain, in order to help people partly bear the burden. heavy on housework.

He also shared that the Clean Plus Laundry chain model was built with the second purpose to open up a new opportunity for those who intend to start a business in the laundry field but do not know where to start. where.

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Clean Plus Laundry not only provides customers with professional laundry service but also brings convenience through home delivery service. Especially, the process of taking care of clothes meets quality standards, ensuring safety and being environmentally friendly thanks to the use of cleaning chemicals with benign ingredients.

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Clean Laundry Plus is one of the first addresses to use industrial dry cleaning machines to completely remove chemical residues on fabrics, providing maximum cleaning efficiency in a short time. In addition, the washing and drying equipment of Clean Plus Laundry also scores strongly with customers because it is equipped with the feature of disinfecting with blue light, dispelling the worry of overlapping infection. This is also a new technology only available at Clean Laundry Plus.

Clean Laundry Plus is not intended to target only one customer. Therefore, from the very beginning, the Clean Plus Laundry model was built with a diverse scale from small, medium to large to serve all customers, from ordinary customers to high-class customers. , the most difficult.

In 2021, Clean Plus Laundry has strong breakthroughs and reaps a lot of “sweet fruits” when there are more than 100 franchises spread across the country. To mark an important milestone for this event, on May 8, 2022, Clean Cong Laundry held a grand opening ceremony at its 100th facility at address 01S09, building S402, Vinsmart City, Tay Mo, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

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The opening ceremony attracted many guests, people, partners to attend and have fun with Clean Cong Laundry. In addition, during the opening ceremony, guests also had the opportunity to visit the washing, drying and ironing area to understand more about the smart, modern laundry process, meeting the quality standards of Clean Plus Laundry.

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In 2022, it is expected that the operating model of the Clean Plus Laundry chain will be doubled compared to 2021. This business expansion campaign is both an opportunity and a great challenge for Laundry. Clean Plus. But with the determination, consensus, the same direction of the entire staff in the company and the direction of the leadership, Cong Laundry can confidently complete the set goals. out.

To experience professional laundry service and detailed information on the franchise of Clean Plus Laundry system, please contact the hotline: 0904 050 959 or visit the Clean Plus Laundry website for support.

Website: https://giatlasachcong.com/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/giatlasachcongg

Office address: NV7-37 Villa of the Ministry of Public Security, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri, Hanoi

Hotline: 0904 050 959

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