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Exciting Hello Summer Ocean Park International Children’s Festival

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“Traditional” in Vinhomes megacities

“As happy as Vinhomes residents” is the catchphrase of many people when it comes to the privileges that Vinhomes residents enjoy. Since officially joining the real estate market, Vinhomes is the “first-class” investor when constantly spending billions to organize spectacular and unique cultural and artistic events for residents. people.

In particular, residents of the two mega-urban areas Vinhomes Smart City in the west and Vinhomes Ocean Park in the east of the capital have been “dressed up” to go to the festival since they haven’t received their homes. In which, two eye-catching music festivals, bringing together the top stars in Vietnam held in 2019, made the market really feverish.

Also on those occasions, residents of Vinhomes Ocean Park and Vinhomes Smart City can also experience super utilities such as the Sea of ​​Lake with a width of up to 24.5 hectares (at the chain of Lake City Festival – Lagoon Festival) or “wonder” Garden Japan (at the Japanese Garden Launching Festival series – “Where Culture Meets Future”). Accompanied by countless interesting entertainment activities, creating conditions for residents to visit, feel the future living space and bond family feelings.

This tradition is being continued at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire with world-class marine festivals taking place within just 1 month. The opening event is the opening of the world’s largest wave-making complex, Summer Wave Park, on April 30 and May 1. The event attracted thousands of future residents with the participation of top Vbiz artists such as: Thu Minh, Tung Duong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Thu Phuong, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Toc Tien…

And on this International Children’s Day 1/6, Vinhomes continues to treat the residents of The Empire with a grand party – the Hello Summer Ocean Park super festival.

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Hello Summer Ocean Park is the 2nd super beach festival in just 1 month that Vinhomes organizes for future residents of The Empire.

The paradise of sea entertainment does not sleep with 365 days of festivals

Hello Summer Ocean Park will take place at Royal Wave Park with a scale of up to 18 hectares including the world’s largest wave-making complex, Asia’s largest Laguna saltwater lake, Sandy Park sand park, Aqua water playground and Blue Ocean, colorful water slides… This is the ideal space for young residents to create “wonders” on the sand, try out thrilling sports such as water skiing, jet skiing or water skiing. simply playing with the waves, swimming with parents without having to go far.

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The world’s largest artificial wave-making sea complex Royal Wave Park – “Sea Paradise” east of the capital with countless games and unique experiences

Inspired by famous ocean festivals in the world, this International Children’s Day is organized by Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire in a series of 3 consecutive days of experience, creating opportunities for young residents to explore. do your best, release energy after a year of hard work. In addition to discovering the games available at Royal Wave Park, the young residents also enjoyed impressive performances such as: silk crane circus performance, child DJ performance, mermaid cosplay , boisterous cheer-leading dance…

Family bonding activities are also meticulously invested by Vinhomes through games with prizes. More specifically, the children’s music festival held every night will be a combination of a series of famous stars and the children of The Empire itself. All promise to create an unforgettable Children’s New Year Festival, full of explosive moments and memorable memories for the whole family.

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Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire – The focus of world-class super events in the east of Hanoi

According to a representative of Vinhomes, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire, with the highlight of which is the world’s largest artificial wave-making marine complex, Royal Wave Park, was built to become a sleepless sea entertainment paradise with 365 days of festivals. , lighting up the East of the Capital and enhancing the living experience of residents.

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In addition to Royal Wave Park, the urban area also impresses with a world-class utility system such as Kingdom Avenue, Empire Square, Silk Park canal park, etc. benefits that have made Vingroup’s brands such as Vincom Mega Mall, Vinmec Health Resort.

Besides, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire also “stirred” the market as soon as it was launched when owning a convenient location, only about 3 minutes away from Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, directly connected to the main road. Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway and ring road 3.5 running through the center of the project.

The diamond location resonates with world-class facilities and especially the chain of super festivals that take place all year round, which is considered the three tripods that help Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire create breakthroughs in life. of residents as well as the future real estate market.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day (June 1), Vietnam’s leading real estate developer Vinhomes offers future child residents the opportunity to experience the world’s largest wave-making complex in the great project Vinhomes Ocean Park. 2 – The Empire. The series of exclusive events is expected to take place in 3 days (June 1, June 4 and June 5) with many exciting activities within the framework of the Hello Summer Ocean Park International Children’s Festival.

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