‘Green army, red army’, gangsters paved the way to auction land, gutted assets

Delegate Nguyen Thi Thuy said that the auction of towering land and then dropping the stake is quite common for many reasons. Over the past time, many investors have used this trick to inflate land prices to manipulate the market, benefiting a minority group. Paying too high a price, winning the bid and then dropping the deposit as in the past time has created many consequences.

“There are investors who also take advantage of increasing the value of stocks and bonds. More dangerously, there are investors who take advantage of polishing the value of their collateral for bank loans. If done successfully, the banks will be gutted. Notably, when the price of land is pushed up too high, the dream of settling down of low-income people is becoming more and more distant.delegate Thuy is angry.

According to delegate Thuy, the situation of the red army, colluding to lower prices, shaking hands to buy cheap state properties, especially land, took place at many auctions.

National Assembly member: 'Green army, red army', gangsters paved the way to auction land, gutted assets - 1

Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Tran Thanh Man moderated the session (Photo: Quochoi.vn)

Delegate Thuy added that, in addition to the green and red pieces, in fact, price lowering also includes tricks to use gangsters to intimidate auction participants, making them afraid to give up and withdraw. profile and auction only one bidder, only one market.

“At that time, the price of these plots of land is manipulated, determined and almost predetermined by this object, which is much lower than the market price, and insignificantly higher than the starting price. . These tricks have caused great damage to the state’s assets, not merely violations of auction and bidding regulations.delegate Thuy said.

Another content that delegate Thuy presented was the state’s underground handshake situation. Ms. Thuy said that as reflected by the real estate business, contractors would not be able to influence the auction without insiders. At the level of simple violations, insiders provide information, disclose information to close the bid, close the bid to win at a cheap price. At a more serious level of violation is the collusion of the authorities to form a group of interests that drain the state from the auction.

“For example, in the recent case in Hanoi, the subjects shook hands with responsible people to adjust the price of land nearly half cheaper than the original price, from 500 billion to 300 billion and if not, If this case is successful, the state loses nearly half of the money. In this case, 8 defendants were prosecuted, including 2 officers of the Project Management Board. However, the public wonders whether there are more missions like this that have not been discovered yet?”, Representative Thuy asked a question.

Delegate Thuy also raised the situation of brackets in valuation.

“It can be said that price appraisal is an extremely important stage in land auction. However, many experts believe that the law has given this organization too large a function, while the control mechanism is very lax. This is one of the reasons leading to many mistakes in price appraisal in general and land price appraisal in particular in recent times.” Thuy emphasized.

National Assembly member: 'Green army, red army', gangsters paved the way to auction land, gutted assets - 2

Delegate Nguyen Thi Thuy spoke about the dark corners and negative aspects of the auction of land use rights over the past time (Photo: Quochoi.vn)

Delegate Thuy said that, from the cases that were handled in the past time, it was shown that the same behavior between appraisers and organizations and individuals in auctions, but for bidding packages When purchasing equipment under the state budget, the appraised price quoted in many cases is much higher than the actual price. On the other hand, in the state auctions, land is very cheap.

“The ultimate purpose of all these price push or dip is to drain the budget and benefit the interest group. The tricks of the green-red army, colluding – sinking the price, winning the bid – dropping the stake, underestimating the land, and blowing up the price of land have caused great consequences for the people. economy Therefore, society needs to be dealt with strongly”. Representative Thuy emphasized.

Faced with this situation, delegate Thuy made two recommendations to the Government and the Ministry of Public Security.

“I recommend that the Government strengthen stricter control, strengthen the direction of inspection and check more strongly with this activity. To the Ministry of Public Security, I propose to select a number of land auctions that have attracted a lot of public opinion in the past time to verify, investigate and clarify in order to increase deterrence and prevent violations. Representative Thuy said.

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