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High School Graduation Exam 2022: Hanoi plans to organize nearly 4,100 exam rooms

Candidates register for the high school graduation exam in 2022. (Photo: Thanh Tung/VNA)

To prepare for High School Graduation Exam in 2022The Hanoi Department of Education and Training plans to establish 181 test sites with 4,070 exam rooms. The Department has directed and guided schools to focus on organizing review for students; at the same time, requesting the Departments of Education and Training, High Schools to review and proactively improve the conditions of facilities to serve the exam.

Hanoi city has nearly 98,000 candidates registered for the exam, including students in grade 12 in the school year 2021-2022 and freelance candidates. Of these, 86,460 candidates registered to take the exam to get the results to both consider the recognition of high school graduation and admission to the University and College of Pedagogy. Notably, this year’s exam has 2 older candidates (born in 1969 and 1940), who are studying at the Center for Vocational Education – Continuing Education in Thanh Xuan District.

The Department of Education and Training will mobilize officials and teachers of high schools and junior high schools to participate in leadership, examination and supervision at all test sites. Persons assigned to duty must ensure standards in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training. The Department requires schools to proactively prepare and be ready to send staff and teachers on duty when there is a decision to mobilize.

During the exam period, schools do not organize collective vacations for staff and teachers. The school principal must mobilize the maximum number of qualified people to do the task, not appoint one person to do many tasks at the same time. The qualified staff and teachers to participate but have not yet been mobilized will be on the reserve list, ready to take on tasks when necessary.

According to the decision of the Hanoi People’s Committee, the City High School Graduation Examination Steering Committee in 2022 consists of 69 members. Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Xuan Dung is the head of the committee; Director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training Tran The Cuong is the Standing Deputy Head of the Committee. The whole city will organize an exam council chaired by the Department of Education and Training, for all candidates registered to take the exam.

The High School Graduation Exam in 2022 will take place on 7 – 8 July, 9/7 is used as a backup. Candidates taking the exams are: Maths, Foreign Languages, Literature, Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or Social Sciences (History, Geography, Citizenship Education for for candidates in the general education program or History and Geography for candidates in the continuing education program). In which, Literature exam will be in the form of essays; Other subjects are tested in the form of multiple choice. The exam content is in the high school curriculum, mainly grade 12.

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