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How does the EU predict the Russia-Ukraine war?

Chief policy European Union (EU) diplomat Josep Borrell on May 30 said that the Russia-Ukraine war could be prolonged, but eventually ended with peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow.

Mr. Borrell made the prediction in an interview with the news site France Info (France), according to RT Radio. Mr. Borrell said that Moscow will act stronger, force the EU to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine and impose more sanctions on Russia.

The Russian economy is slowing down due to Western economic sanctions, Borrell said, and increasing pressure could give Kyiv a stronger position in future peace talks with Moscow. There is currently no information on the reaction of Russia or Ukraine to Mr. Borrell’s prediction.

Events on the ground in Ukraine seem to have changed Borrell’s view of the conflict, according to RT. Last month, Mr. Borrell said that “this war must be (Kyiv) won on the battlefield”.

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Smoke rises over the city of Severodonetsk during fierce fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops in the Donbass region on May 30.


Mr. Borrell made the prediction a few hours before the leaders of the EU member states met in Brussels (Belgium) from May 29 to 30 to discuss the 6th package of sanctions against Russia, including sanctions. Russian oil. On May 30, European Council President Charles Michel said that the leaders of the bloc had agreed in principle to a ban on imports of most oil from Russia and to block the connection of Russia’s largest bank Sberbank. from the international payment system SWIFT.

European leaders agree “in principle” to ban the import of up to 90% of oil from Russia

Meanwhile, Governor Serhiy Haidai of Luhansk province in eastern Ukraine said that Russia continues to advance in the city of Severodonetsk and the situation is very complicated, according to the website. The Kyiv Independent. “Fighting on the streets continues and there will be more fighting,” Haidai warned.

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