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It is necessary to renew the teaching method of History instead of trying to memorize it

The teaching of subjects History in the new general education program is currently a matter of great public interest.

At the discussion session on the socio-economic situation of the National Assembly on the morning of June 1, delegate Nguyen Thi Quyen Thanh (Vinh Long) emphasized, history must be a compulsory subject at the upper secondary level in the New General Education Program.

Delegates said that history is the past, which contains cultural values, knowledge treasures and cultural quintessence of mankind; are rich lessons learned; is the truth about life during the existence, construction and defense of the Fatherland.

“With history, there is a future. Studying history will help students understand their roots to be grateful to their ancestors, understand virtues, suffer pain, work hard, unite, heroic, creative and intelligent. the wisdom of many generations in the struggle to protect the country, to appreciate the value of life and to nurture faith, to help students gain knowledge about the quintessence of human culture” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Quyen Thanh stated.

It is necessary to renew the teaching method of History instead of trying to memorize it - Photo 1.

Delegate Nguyen Thi Quyen Thanh (Vinh Long) gave a speech

A delegate from Vinh Long province said that the education and training sector has made great efforts and determination in renovating the method of teaching and learning history, there have been many models and ways of teaching history very well and vividly. However, efforts and determination to innovate have not yet met people’s expectations.

Therefore, the delegate respectfully suggested that the Ministry of Education and Training should be more drastic in innovating the method of teaching and learning History in an attractive way. Students pay more attention to learning and analyzing information about History instead of the current still quite heavy learning method, which is trying to memorize to remember. Lead students to the subject of History by taking the initiative, turning history lessons into vivid, memorable and long-lasting stories. Inspiring and forming in children a love for the subject of History.

Besides, in order to form national consciousness, patriotism, worldview and human outlook for students, not only in History subject, in school but also in all activities. From family to society, from all sources of information, students access daily, from activities they participate in, and experience from the community.

“The reality is that students don’t have many conditions to learn history from life. The information they access every day also doesn’t have much information about history. Students in particular and young people today talk about it. In general, views, views, and ways of thinking about life have changed a lot. They seek to share, empathize, communicate and learn through the internet. With an endless and difficult to control information source, I believes and always wishes that the education sector as well as the education of History in particular as well as education in general should be the responsibility of the whole society and of each family, requiring closer and more effective coordination. more in the near future” – delegate Nguyen Thi Quyen Thanh suggested.

Previously, the National Assembly’s Committee for Culture and Education had submitted a thematic report to the National Assembly Standing Committee on “The implementation of the 2018 National Curriculum for History subject at high school”.

The Committee for Culture and Education believes that History should be identified as a particularly important position in the General Education Program in the spirit of President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings and in the spirit of Resolution No. /2015/QH13 dated November 27, 2015 of the National Assembly, at the same time ensuring the goal of “focusing on ideal education, cultural traditions, history …”, forming personality, patriotism, understanding , awareness of ethnic traditions of students and for the younger generation.

The Committee for Culture and Education proposed the Ministry of Education and Training to absorb the opinions of the people, history experts, and National Assembly deputies, and prescribe History subjects at the upper secondary school level. The 2018 general education program is a compulsory subject with an appropriate amount of knowledge; continue to innovate teaching methods and methods of examination, examination and evaluation of educational results for the subject; and at the same time inspire students to love History.

The Ministry of Education and Training needs to strengthen communication about the 2018 General Education Program in general and the History Program in particular to increase the consensus and support of the society in the implementation.

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