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Long Family: From a fitness coach to a million-view TikToker

Standing behind the TikTok channel “Thung Long Family” (TLF) is a young couple living in Hanoi, Tran Tu Long and Phan Tuyet Nga with two very funny nicknames – Mr. Before becoming famous on the TikTok platform, Long and Nga worked in the field of dancers and fitness trainers.

TLF’s videos are all about the daily life of a young couple, many of whom have found themselves in this young family’s series of funny situations.

Let’s chat with “Mr. Dung” and “Mrs. Bom” to understand more about the content creation journey of the channel.

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Reporter: Just for fun! Say hello to “Mr. Pier” and “Mrs. Bom”, a little spirituality at the beginning of this conversation! What do you guys think about their grandparents’ saying about “same age to lie down and eat”?

From the time we got married until now, we’ve also been lying down, but we’ve always missed the deadline. Deadline overlaps the deadline, but if you lie down and eat, it’s so relaxing to hear it, maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to touch that kind of thing. Now, I hope to sleep enough, but just lie down and eat later.

Reporter: No success comes by itself and there is no glory without sacrifice and effort, how have you set short and long-term goals to achieve?

All goals, whether short or long, will always stick to an important prerequisite, which is to bring value to the viewer.

For short-term goals, TLF simply wants to bring smiles to the audience’s faces and give them a minute of entertainment – a much-needed tonic amidst the hustle and bustle of the audience. This very busy life.

For further goals, TLF hopes to become an inspirational image to young people about joy and creativity.

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Reporter: What percentage of your life is busy with brainstorming and scripting?

When my husband and I decided to become Content Creators, idea generation has already crept into all activities in our lives. Usually, the construction of the script will have two directions. The first is to find inspiration for a new video and then write the script and produce it. The second is to always pay attention to the daily activities in our own lives, from which to filter out what is good and fun, we think about it and find a way to convert it into a video.

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Reporter: If not content creators, what else would it be?

We have been through a number of different jobs: From the beginning, both husband and wife were dancers when they were students. After that, Bom worked in FPT’s event department, Long worked as a bakery manager, and then moved to Creative at Trang TV. Next is sports work, the couple both work as trainers at the fitness center.

All of the above jobs are in quite different fields, so now we have prepared a very open mind that, if a new opportunity comes, we will fall in love with any new job or field. We will also go with the wind. Who knows, maybe later I can do business and trade.

If we don’t have to create content, then surely we still want to do work related to inspiration.

Reporter: How has TikTok changed your life?

Right now, this is our great job, giving us more freedom to live our lives, to do the creative work we love, to be our own boss and co-ordinate all our time, especially this one is suitable for both husband and wife because we hate restraint.

The competitive pressure when creating content on TikTok is often great, but with it, we have attractive sources of income.

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Reporter: Always searching and thinking about new things, but the flow of Gen Z and Gen Alpha comes too quickly with a creative “storm”, are you afraid that you will be “old” quickly and incompetent?

This is a problem faced by all content creators, not just young or old. If you have a narrow perspective, you have little living capital, or you have little material to exploit, you have little to learn, then whoever you are will be old and inferior. Currently, we know how to apply our existing knowledge and experience to the product, over time, the experience will also increase. In particular, we are still learning and changing every day to renew ourselves, so we are not to the point of worrying about this.

Reporter: Have you ever been discouraged by this job? And what motivates people to overcome?

The number of content creators is increasing, so our production level and frequency also need to be stepped up to maintain the level of audience service. So many times, although work brings freedom, it also means that many times we work regardless of hours, just open our eyes to think of ideas and produce, regardless of holidays, Owner. Sunday is like Monday.

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Reporter: Many people think that making content is too easy now, come up with some ideas to be able to pat yourself on the chest and call yourself a creator, what do you think about this?

Social media is a place where people are free to express themselves and also to define themselves as who they are or by any name. It is important that the audience has the same view as you.

With us, there are many people who produce content on digital platforms, but only those who bring creative elements into their products are called content creators. As for the forms of deploying content production by synthesizing and re-presenting the existing content without any adjustment or change, perhaps a more appropriate name is needed. . Another name doesn’t mean it’s not good, but as long as everyone is happy using social media to respect the community and bring positive energy to the audience, you’ve all been successful. .

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Reporter: What is your plan to develop your TikTok channel in the near future?

Stay up to date with trends and produce videos every day, because audiences still need daily fun.

Reporter: Thank you both for this short post. May the Tung Long Family always be filled with laughter and continue to spread that positive spirit to young people.

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