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Melted because of the handsomeness and coolness of Huyen Lizzie’s son

In the latest set of pictures, the famous mother, who is always the center of attention whenever she appears in the crowd, today is dressed very sexy and fashionable, still completely … overshadowed by the handsome and cool beauty of the boy. Small spring rolls.

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The handsome and cold look of Huyen Lizzie’s son makes many mothers wobble. Photo: Cao Minh Tien

In front of the camera, Phan Minh Huyen’s “young man” just graduated from 1st grade made the audience’s heart melt when he posed in the right hot boy style, cold expression, cold eyes, attractive charisma… not inferior to the camera. what professional models.

Especially everyone can see, Nem is quite similar to Phan Minh Huyen’s mother, especially her big, round eyes that can talk. Therefore, Nem’s “marshal” photos are even more attractive, it is difficult for anyone to believe that the guy in the picture is a boy in grade 1, still eager to go out on June 1.

Interestingly, all Nem outfits are “dressed up” by Phan Minh Huyen himself, helping the little guy have a very “quality” fashion style. Looking at the outfits that Nem wears, she knows enough about Phan Minh Huyen’s fashion sense and stylistic talent, which partly explains why Phan Minh Huyen was praised for coming to Van Trang’s fashion in “Love the sunny day”.

The image of mother and daughter Phan Minh Huyen was taken together by her friend, designer Cao Minh Tien, as a souvenir. Photo: Cao Minh Tien.

At this time, Phan Minh Huyen is extremely busy with the filming schedule of “Thuong The sunny day returns”, the recording schedule, advertising filming, brand representation… leaving her with very little time for herself. Luckily, she had another day off on this occasion to devote herself entirely to Nem, take her out to play, and let her relax after a year of hard work.

Huyen Lizzie always spends time with her children on special occasions

Phan Minh Huyen said that normally, no matter how busy she is, she still tries to spend time with her son on special days and holidays. On those days, mother and daughter will go out, eat together, and Phan Minh Huyen will fulfill the child’s wish for a gift.

  Melted because of the handsomeness and coolness of Huyen Lizzie's son

Many people recognize that Nem has very good talking eyes. Photo: Cao Minh Tien.

Because Nem is a man who understands, Phan Minh Huyen always asks his son what gift he wants and will give him the gift he wants. However, she revealed, Nem is quite obedient and never demanding, the gifts she wants are all moderate, age-appropriate, within the control that her mother wants to give, so they meet his wishes. boys are not difficult.

After nearly a year of being busy with the filming schedule of “Thuong on a sunny day”, Phan Minh Huyen did not have much time to spend with her son, Nem stayed at his grandfather’s house to be cared for more by his grandparents. Phan Minh Huyen estimates that there is only a little more than a month left before the filming of “Thuong sunny day returns”.

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Although busy, Huyen Lizzie always spends time with her children on special occasions. Photo: Cao Minh Tien

After filming, she will immediately make up for her son, spend more time with him, take him to the beach so that Nem can have fun and meaningful summer holidays, prepare the best energy when walking. In the new school year.

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