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[MV] Fromis 9 (fromis_9) – FUN!

[MV] Fromis 9 (fromis_9) – FUN! Fromis 9’s first single album to return with more complete music and performance [FUN FACTORY]Matching the title song “FUN!” it contains the message “Let’s get out of our boring everyday life and have fun together! Everything in us becomes pleasant and fun”. The title track “FUN!” is an up tempo dance song based on house and disco rhythms that amplifies the youthful energy of “Fromis Nine”. Fromis Nine, who has established herself as an icon of freshness, will be presented with the title song “FUN! Fromis_9 is back with improved sound and performance! Through her 1st single album [FUN FACTORY] and its title track “FUN!” sends fromis_9 a message that says, “Let’s get out of our boring routine and have fun! Everything is happy and fun here with us.” Fromis_9’s sheer energy seems to provide a refreshing vibe this summer. The title track “FUN!” is an up tempo dance track with house and disco rhythms, highlighting fromis_9’s unique and vibrant energy. As fromis_9 seal their identities as “refreshing” icons, they try to melt the hearts of fans with their fun and unique lyrics, who yearn #프로미스나인 #fromis_9 #FUN_FACTORY ♬ Listen on iTunes, Apple Music : https://music ♬ Listen on Spotify: ▷Official Twitter: https://twitter. com/realfromis_9 ▷Official Facebook: ▷Official Instagram:


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