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My family always asks me about my husband and children

I’m 29 years old, good-looking, my job is fine, I’m satisfied with my current life, my family is always pushing me about my husband and children, which makes me really stressed.

Every time the family gathers, they have to hear sentences like: “Now I look old, let’s get married”, “I’m ugly now, don’t get married”, “Almost 30 years old, can’t get married again difficult to give birth”…

I recently met a brother through a relative’s matchmaking. In my opinion, he is a good person. What makes my family and relatives like the most is that his family is very well-off. Everyone told me not to miss someone like you, but I tried to open my heart and still nothing.

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My family goes to his personal page every day, to see if we interact with each other, and one day later asks if we still talk. After many days of coming home from work, she was tired, and her mother asked why she didn’t go out with him today. I called someone and my mother came in to listen to see if I had to talk to him. I talked to him like a normal friend, and he saw me as a lover. I don’t know what to say to make things clear.

I just want to have a natural love, want to get married when I feel like it, not marry to please everyone. Am I dreaming too much?


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