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New EU sanctions will “make President Putin smile”

The Croatian president said: “Sanctions didn’t work. The ruble didn’t fall. Russia didn’t feel any impact from the financial side and when that happened the war was over. European citizens will pay the price and President Vladimir Putin will smile”.

Mr. Milanovic believes that there will be other customers to buy Russian oil and gas due to high demand for energy products.

The Croatian president also commented on the possibility of this country becoming the energy center of Central Europe in the near future.

“I want Croatia to be a key player. However, Croatia is not yet a factor.”

Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi assessed that the EU sanctions imposed on Russia because of the war in Ukraine will have an impact that lasts many years. These measures will affect oil trade and change international trade routes “for years if not forever”.

According to the Italian Prime Minister, Western sanctions adopted so far will have “maximum impact” on the Russian economy “from summer onwards”.

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