Parents meeting, mother was given her daughter’s letter and laughed

Giving birth to a girl may be unkind to me, but it’s okay to make my parents feel cool…

In the last days of the school year, what parents show off on social networks a lot is probably their child’s merit.

Holding in your hand a certificate of your child’s academic achievement after a year of reading is of course proud, but recently, a parent even made everyone jealous when sharing a special piece of paper from their child. Daughter.

“Now, when I go to a parent-teacher meeting, the teacher lets me read my child’s thoughts. Having a daughter is the best thing about me.”

Parents meeting, the mother gave her daughter's letter and laughed -1
The parent’s share received many comments “please pray” to teach her daughter.

Specifically, after the meeting Parentsthe mother in the story received a piece of paper with the title “What I want to say” to let the children write down their feelings for their parents.

Accordingly, this girl chose to convey her feelings through words to convey to her mother, things that she did not dare to say out loud because of “embarrassment”.

“I want to say that I love you very, very much. Lately, you’ve been upset, making me sad. I want to apologize to you, but I’m embarrassed.

Mom, don’t think I’m mad at you, I love you so much. Next year I will try to improve my Math, take it as an apology and thank you for raising me and always confiding in me.

As for the money my father gives me, I just use it to buy things for my mother and the cats, I’ve had enough, I don’t need anything. Mom always works hard for two or three children, I also want you to spend something for me.

Love mom number 2, no one is number 1!”.

Her very sincere, sweet words mixed with a bit of humor make anyone who reads it unintentionally smile. At the end of the letter, the girl also drew a picture of mother and daughter with a very lovely expression.

Reading these confidants of children, parents must be a hundred times happier than the ten points in their children’s test. No matter how hard or difficult the work is, as long as you become a person and understand the story, how much effort is worth it.

Before learning to be successful, the first thing is to become a person. As a parent, the first thing everyone wants their child to become is a good person before becoming a grandparent.

So if your child’s achievement is not as expected by your parents, don’t be upset because it is not just a matter of understanding, loving and caring for your parents, it is already a proud achievement. then right!

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