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Renovate the old dilapidated house to hold the dream wedding and the ending

Many people keep looking for lavish and majestic locations without knowing that there are familiar places that can become a great wedding hall.

Couples are confused about choosing a wedding location because there are so many places to organize. However, to choose a suitable and meaningful place is not easy at all.

A couple from the very beginning, when preparing for the wedding, chose the old house to be the place to get married. This couple are both fashion designers. They like crafts, embroidery likes nature. Therefore, they think that the old house is the most harmonious place with nature and carries a lot of special meaning for their happy day.

The bride shared: “Wanted to marry where he grew up”.

The groom replied, “I will always support you with all your dreams and desires.”

Because there is a need to renovate the house and yard, they have planned with a party specializing in wedding design so that everything is neat, complete and with the most taste.

Renovate the old dilapidated house to hold a wedding of 50 people and the ending is beyond imagination!  - Photo 1.

The first step: Plan and renovate the wedding space

Before starting to work, bride and groom together with the organizer went to survey the site. It was on a summer afternoon, the whole journey was leisurely and comfortable, the sound of chickens pecking rice, the sound of children talking happily, the gentle breeze, the sun on each roof.

The walls and furniture in the seemingly shabby house make the wedding designers bright. They decided to use the old furniture and furniture in the groom’s house to decorate the most special 50-person wedding party.

“We are so used to this, building a completely new architecture on the old site, the harmony between the design and the site itself is often overlooked but the beauty is unlimited.“, the organization shared.

They will not give up anything but take advantage of the available objects in the house to create the most intimate and special space.

Step 2: Make the decoration familiar

Married couples face a lot of pressure in a wedding where 80% of the guests are elderly. Therefore, the organizer controls the details to create a familiar feeling for a wedding ceremony.

At the request of the parents, they added red and pink flowers and flowers such as white phalaenopsis, pink palm, soft lily and nightingale to add texture, creating a feeling of wilderness. Flowers are used a lot in this wedding. However, not the style of flower arranging. Flowers here are used and arranged irregularly to create the highest naturalness.

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Old photos are hung in the garden space, all creating a pleasant harmony. At the gate, stick the word Hy and announce the wedding ceremony to create an old and traditional feeling.

Stage 3: Start and enjoy the wedding party

Once upon a time, bride and the groom met at a fashion show, so this wedding also has a lot to do with fashion.

The ceremony area is hung with a woolen sheet hand-woven by the bride. The outside area also has many places to hang wool, flowers from cotton to create a feeling of warmth. The bride and groom choose a classic and impressive outfit. The bride uses a hat and gloves to match the wedding space with true nostalgic and vintage colors.

The bride and groom walked into the aisle together in the presence of a large number of friends on both sides with their parents. They gave each other a warm kiss at the place where the groom was born and lived many years of life.

Holding a wedding at the old house is truly a magical feeling. A place that does not seem to be luxurious and warm enough can become perfect on the happy day of the main character couple. And perhaps, in the end, what makes them happiest is the smile of their parents.

Not a lavish hotel banquet hall, not a wedding for those who come and go in a hurry. They had a wedding at the place where they have been with the groom for many years with a great ending that not everyone can imitate. 2022060112122005.chn

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