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Russia cuts gas, European countries are “one step ahead”

Gas giant’s move Russia is the latest retaliation to Western sanctions imposed on Moscow after the military operation on February 24, which escalated the Moscow-Brussels economic war and pushed European gas prices to high. .

Gazprom said on May 31 that it had completely cut off gas supplies to Dutch gas supplier GasTerra.

Gazprom also later said it would stop gas flows to Denmark’s Orsted Energy and Shell Energy from June 1, after both failed to pay in rubles.

The Danish energy company Orsted also confirmed that the Russian energy giant will stop supplying gas from June 1. According to the European research institute Bruegel, about 4% of Denmark’s total energy consumption comes from Russian gas.

“This is not yet seen as a threat to supply,” said Pieter ten Bruggencate, a spokesman for the Dutch economy ministry. Orsted also said there was no immediate risk to Danish gas supplies and that it would turn to the European gas market to fill the gap.

The flow of Russian gas to Germany via the Nord Stream pipeline fell on May 31 as analysts said it could be due to a cut in the amount of gas passing through the Netherlands.

Earlier, Russia stopped supplying gas to Bulgaria, Poland and Finland on the grounds that they refused to pay in rubles.

In the face of tension in gas supplies, Europe has rushed to fill up gas storage before winter.

Data from European Gas Infrastructure shows that Dutch gas storage is now about 37% full. The Dutch government said last week it would increase subsidies to 406 million euros to encourage companies to fill up the Bergermeer facility, one of the largest open gas storage facilities in Europe.

According to Reuters, Denmark’s gas storages are now 55% full and could supply all Danish and Swedish gas customers for five months if supplies from Germany are cut off.

In a development related to the military campaign in Ukraine, Ukraine on May 31 said that Russia had taken control of most of the eastern industrial city of Sievierodonetsk. Western military analysts argue that Moscow has drained manpower and firepower from other areas of the Eastern Front to focus on Sievierodonetsk.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on May 31 that the army had achieved some success in Kherson city and gradually moved towards Kharkiv province.

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