Samsung, Intel discuss semiconductor cooperation

On May 31, Samsung said that Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong and Intel CEO Pate Gelsinger had a meeting. The meeting of the two partners of the world’s No. 1 and No. 2 chip company by revenue was held during Mr. Gelsinger’s visit to Seoul. He flew to South Korea after attending the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In 2021, Samsung recorded semiconductor sales of $82.3 billion, higher than Intel’s $79 billion.

Samsung, Intel discuss semiconductor cooperation - Photo 1.

Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae Yong (left) and Intel CEO Pate Gelsinger

Also participating in the meeting were other Samsung executives, including co-CEO Kyung Kye Hyun, who is in charge of the chip division, and Roh Tae Moon, director of Samsung’s mobile division, as well as other senior officials representing the company. represents each chip business segment, from memory chips to processors, outsourcing.

A year ago, Intel announced a return to the chipmaking business, led by Taiwan’s TSMC and Samsung Electronics. Intel has withdrawn from this market since 2018. From 2021 to now, Intel has poured tens of billions of dollars to regain its position in the chip market, including the latest investment of 3 billion USD to expand the chip factory. in Oregon.

Samsung is famous for making logic chips that are thinner and more modern than Intel. The American technology giant is still looking to achieve the 10nm process, while Samsung and TSMC claim to have succeeded.

Despite being rivals, Samsung and Intel are also partners. Memory chip modules from Samsung and Intel processors are usually placed on the same motherboard. The compatibility between memory chip and processor is extremely important, especially when Samsung is trying to make a breakthrough in the memory chip standard.

Mr. Gelsinger is expected to visit other Asian countries such as Taiwan, home of the world’s largest chip maker TSMC. 20220530103642895.chn

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