Sharon Stone thought she killed her co-star while filming Original Instinct

Star Sharon Stone shared on the set of “Basic Instinct”, she had to seek medical help because she lost consciousness in the middle of filming a violent scene.

Basic Instinct (1992) is the work that brought Sharon Stone’s name to the top. In the film, she plays the intelligent and charming writer Catherine Tramell.

Because of being involved in the case killing savage, Tramell has been targeted by detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas). The two quickly form a dangerous cat-and-mouse relationship.

Sharon Stone’s daring hot scene

Basic Instinct Directed by Paul Verhoeven. Like many other notable works of his career, it is filled with scenes of eroticism and violence. This was not a small challenge, causing many A-list actresses at that time to refuse the role.

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Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in a movie scene Basic Instinct.

However, the film’s male lead, actor Michael Douglas, believes that Catherine Tramell is the great female character on screen. He also understands why many colleagues are hesitant about this role.

Douglas once shared with LA Times: “Women often have to choose between a social vision and a particular role. But I think the more dangerous the movie, the more worthy the female lead is. But the funny thing is that we only welcome actors who dare to challenge with heavy roles to reap success.”

Sharon Stone, in contrast to many actresses of the time, did not shy away from the bed scenes in Basic Instinct. On the contrary, she did not feel pressured to do them. “I was put on protective pads in sensitive places. Their exact names are unknown. Michael was very generous and the crew supported me enthusiastically.”she said.

Sharon Stone shared: “The first time I shot a nude scene was at Irreconcilable Differences. In that movie, I dropped the veil and exposed my chest to the camera. I heard a crackling sound in my ears, then realized it was the sound of blood rushing through my temples. It’s a scary feeling.”

Sharon Stone fainted while filming a violent scene

Scenes in Basic Instinct considered by Sharon Stone to be difficult to perform are segments with elements of violence. Both she and director Paul Verhoeven recognized the murder scene in the film as the most difficult of all.

The director recounts: “The scene in which Stone had to sit naked on top of a man she had never met and then stab him hard with a stone prong. She had to act so the stabs looked real, and we sprayed fake blood all over her chest. It was not a pleasant experience.”

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“I’m not sure why she remembers that scene so much. But it’s clear that Sharon went through some tough times on set.”Paul Verhoeven reminisces.

Because of this haunting scene, Sharon Stone had to seek medical help to be able to breathe normally. “I almost passed out. I fell and the blood just gushed out. They had to send medical personnel onto the set and lay me down on the floor with an oxygen mask.”

“My best friend, Mimi Craven, who was always there when I had to shoot scary scenes, also appeared. She lay down next to me, telling jokes. I also laughed out loud while still wearing my oxygen mask. Then we had to replay this scene from the beginning,” said Sharon Stone.

Sharon Stone thought she killed her co-star

The scene of murder with a stone poke in Basic Instinct scared Sharon Stone because she thought she really killed her co-star. In her memoirs, the star described how her co-star (playing the victim) reacted to the stabbing move that frightened her.

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“When filming the opening scene of the movie, which was the murder with a stone stick, after the director shouted cut, my co-star still didn’t move. He just lay there, motionless. I started panicking thinking that the tip of the prop was broken, instead of going into the handle when it came down, it went right through my co-star and I killed him.” Vanity Fair quote Stone as recounted in the book The Beauty of Living Twice.

“The scene on set was even more chaotic when the director shouted: ‘Hand him, harder, harder!’ and ‘More blood, more blood!’ while the designer hid underneath the bed and kept pumping fake blood sprayed up through his chest for props. Everything makes me dizzy.” wrote star.

According to the book, Stone quickly realized his co-star was still alive. She just accidentally knocked him unconscious. “It seems that I repeatedly hit my co-star in the chest, to the point of knocking him unconscious. I was panicking, naked and covered in fake blood. Then add this. It seemed that nothing could make me come back to continue acting in this movie after that event.”

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