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Stirring the clip of the 83-year-old man still driving a car on the road, what risks do the elderly face?

MXH stirred up a clip of an old man, whose back was hunched, but still driving a car on the road. His situation divided into two opposing public opinions: one side supported when giving evidence in some countries such as Japan, Singapore, etc., the elderly still drove taxis; while the other side is concerned that elderly people are very dangerous to drive because their eyes are blurred, their legs are slow…

It is known that the old man named Vinh (83 years old), lives in Tan Ky town, Tan Ky district, Nghe An province. Previously, Mr. Vinh was a driving instructor and had a driver’s license.

From a legal perspective, the lawyers said that according to the road traffic law, there is no specific limit on the maximum age for driving a car. Thus, according to the law, the elderly are still allowed to drive cars if they ensure their health conditions and their driving license is still valid. Therefore, even though Mr. Vinh is 83 years old, if his driving license is still valid, his driving is not violated.

Stirring the clip of the 83-year-old man still driving a car on the road, what risks do the elderly face?  - Photo 1.

83-year-old Mr. Vinh drives a car on the road (photo cut from Clip)

Talking to reporter Dr. Dinh The Tien (Department of General Internal Medicine, Duc Giang General Hospital) said that in order to ensure the health requirements for driving, the state has strict regulations to ensure health. and neuropsychiatric normal.

Accordingly, everyone who takes the driver’s license exam must have a health check to accurately assess and screen for diseases that can affect the driving process and decision-making ability, necessary in driving a vehicle. . Some medical conditions will not be granted a driver’s license such as color blindness, or mental disorders.

Although the regulation does not limit the driving age if you have a license, but from a health perspective, talking to an Infonet reporter, Dr. Dinh The Tien said that the elderly face the risk of insecurity. traffic safety when operating machinery or vehicles.

Because driving requires coordination of organs such as vision, motor and complex perception. Some older adults have mild to moderate deficits in one or more of these skills.

Moreover, according to Dr. The Tien, in the elderly, judgment and reflexes are significantly reduced.

In addition, if a collision occurs while participating in traffic, the elderly will be more susceptible to injury because: Less able to withstand injury; often have many comorbidities (eg, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease…).

According to Dr. Dinh The Tien, not only the elderly, but also those with the following diseases should not hug.


People with heart failure, kidney failure, severe liver failure

Diseases affecting motor function and organ coordination such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, sequelae of cerebrovascular accident,

Mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder

Some other diseases such as color blindness, severe visual disturbances, etc.

Age should not drive a car: male should not be more than 60; Females should not be more than 55.

In addition, experts also recommend habits that need to be abandoned immediately when driving a car to ensure safety such as: using phones, wearing headphones, wearing high heels, resting your feet on the clutch pedal…

Accordingly, in fact, using a phone while driving is very dangerous. This distracts you from driving, leading to running red lights, speeding, pressing the wrong accelerator, even causing unnecessary accidents.

Therefore, drivers need to give up the habit of using phones while participating in traffic to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

In addition, many drivers also have the habit of using headphones to listen to music to help reduce stress, dispel fatigue, and prevent drowsiness when traveling long distances.

But this habit also makes you lose focus, not hear the sirens of other vehicles as well as the control signals of the traffic police.

All are detrimental and potentially dangerous in the process of participating in traffic. So drivers please get rid of this habit.

Especially for women, driving in high heels is also very dangerous. Because the soles of high heels are very sharp and can get stuck in the floor of the car, even making it more difficult for the feet to control.

All of this can cause women to drive to cause unintended accidents. Therefore, when sitting in the driver’s seat, women should wear flat shoes that fit their feet and are comfortable to confidently control the car.

The last bad habit to break is putting your feet on the clutch pedal. Because the job of the clutch pedal is to disconnect the clutch, separate the transmission from the engine so that the car can shift gears. When you put your foot on the clutch pedal, you will apply force, especially cars with very light clutch pedals.

This will cause the clutch to not engage fully with the engine and cause clutch slippage. As a result, the gearbox will not transmit 100% of the power from the engine, causing fuel consumption and the clutch will also quickly corrode.

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