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Terrified of the giant network spread throughout the park in the UK

01/06/2022 06:36 GMT+7

The giant soft, white network covering the trees around the park near her house surprised the 34-year-old woman in England.

Sarah Longfellow, 34, living in Castleford, West Yorkshire, England, was stunned when she woke up in the morning to discover huge white nets covering many trees and fences around the house.

Terrified giant caterpillar web spread all over the park in England
Terrified giant web spread all over the park in England

Initially, Sarah Longfellow assumed that the trees around the park were sick or had a rope, or fake snow fell in. However, when she got closer, the woman took a closer look and was shocked to see that it was actually a mass of nets, fine white silk of great size.

Sarah Longfellow herself is a person who is very afraid of spiders, so this witness is a nightmare for the 34-year-old woman. The obsession did not stop when she discovered a swarm of caterpillars wriggling in the web.

Sarah Longfellow said: “The scene was scary like Halloween coming early. I was startled, when I knew it was white silk. In contrast to me, my 3-year-old son was delighted by the rare sight. See. The caterpillars stuck inside, look scarier but more curious.”

Before that, Sarah Longfellow and her son had seen large clusters of webs scattered on the way to school but did not think they appeared near her home.

Sarah Longfellow calms down after posting the image on social media and being shared by the online community. She also worries less when she learns that they are not spiders but just caterpillars, non-venomous and completely harmless to humans.

When hundreds of these eggs hatch into worm larvae, they will together build a territory of their own by spreading webs to form giant webs. The webs act as a veil to protect them from outside enemies, and the caterpillars do not leave the webs during their maturation.

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