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The book “The flowers of resilience” – Nursing career story

The book aims to honor nurses who have made silent sacrifices to dedicate themselves to caring, giving love and accompanying patients to overcome pain and illness, especially during the full COVID-19 pandemic. past hardships.

Book “The resilient flowers – Nursing career story” Tells about the difficult but also full of effort and extraordinary efforts of each nurse to be able to create magical moments. They are true stories, everyday life, concerns and challenges of the profession. career that every Hoan My nurse has gone through, in order to be able to balance her emotions, to tolerate fates, to spread love of life and positive spirit to patients. to strange stories, suffocating situations and even unfinished dreams… deep down in them, readers will realize that even the most ordinary nurse has the ability to create miracles to light up. hope to live for the sick.

The book

Not only depicting professional stories in everyday life, the book also helps readers understand and appreciate the hardships of nurses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was between the days that both Ho Chi Minh City and some southern areas such as Dong Nai and Binh Duong had to struggle during the epidemic, the sound of ambulances stirred up the lonely and painful atmosphere on every street, every street. Hundreds of nurses from the hospitals of Hoan My Medical System officially entered the “life and death” battle. They have left their families, camped entirely in hospitals to stop the pain of loss, sowing hope of life for the most difficult cases.

Sharing about those historic days, Ms. Vo Thi Lanh, Chief Nurse of Hoan My Thu Duc Hospital for COVID-19 Treatment said: “Nurses have determined that the battle with COVID-19 is long, so first when entering the hospital, we contacted family members, sent children, arranged for someone to take care of the house. It has been more than 3 months that the nurses have not returned home … and we chose to stay to help the patient overcome the epidemic.”

The book

Speaking at the book launch”The resilient flowers – Nursing career story“, Ms. Le Ngoc Anh Phuong, Marketing and Communication Director of Hoan My Medical Group, shared that: “We want to send a message that encapsulates our own sympathy, love and gratitude and thousands of hearts of patients and their families, families and colleagues to the nurses, who have sacrificed silently, overcoming challenges and difficulties, accompanying Hoan My Medical Group and the national health sector to bring a healthier and happier life to the community”.

According to Ms. Anh Phuong, the nursing profession currently faces many social prejudices, which makes many people afraid to work in this industry. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the average nursing rate per ten thousand people in Vietnam is 11.4, which is less than half of the global average. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, Vietnam will lack about 50,000 nurses to ensure it meets the people’s medical care needs.

The book

“Through the project, we hope to change the community’s prejudices towards this precious profession. We want to invest more in the nursing industry with training and recruitment activities. , expanding cooperation with nursing schools such as Hong Bang University or University of Medicine and Pharmacy… Above all, we understand that investment in nursing is an investment in healthcare quality. comprehensively and for the future health of patients and the whole community,” emphasized Ms. Anh Phuong.

The book

Book “Resilient flowers“as part of a media project”Resilient flowers” started with 5 short episodes made by Hoan My Medical Group from 2021, when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out strongly and left a lot of pain and loss for the community. The project is a tribute. Sincere gratitude goes to nurses who are resilient to overcome difficulties, hardships and challenges of their profession to bring health and happiness to the community.The project also contributes to the recognition of nursing as a independent profession in the healthcare system, requiring medical expertise and expertise to support, improve and restore the health of patients. In this sense, the project “Resilient flowers“Awarded Excellent for the Media and Marketing category of Asian Hospital Management. In May this year, the project was also honored as “Vietnam’s Best Marketing Initiative” voted by Healthcare Asia Magazine.

About Hoan My Medical Group:

Hoan My Medical Group is the largest private medical group with a leading healthcare network in Vietnam. Over 25 years of operation and development, Hoan My has built a solid reputation in providing health care services with the motto of patient-centered, with reasonable cost and quality. high. Hoan My currently has more than 5,500 employees and serves nearly 4 million outpatient visits by 2021.

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