The experience of using a long-term phone is not known to everyone

You should use quality cases and screen protectors to protect your phone, limit the risk of scratches, damage caused by shocks, drops or water. You can also avail of drop warranty services to enjoy the privilege of protecting your device against the risks associated with drops and liquids.

Users should use a genuine charger, this both ensures the safety of the user and helps to improve the battery life of the phone. The use of chargers of unknown origin can damage the device, affect the input power supply, and more dangerously may lead to the risk of fire and explosion. At the same time, to maintain the best life of the battery, users should charge the phone when the battery is low below 20%, avoiding the capacity to be exhausted or power down.

You also need to remove and disable unused application status update notifications.

The experience of using a long-lasting phone is not known to everyone - 1

You should remove and disable application status update notifications that you do not use. (Illustration)

When using phones, devices technology For a long time, your eyes will have to adjust a lot, causing fatigue, dry eyes, affecting vision. To limit this situation, you can equip your smartphone with an anti-glare screen protector, use blue light filter mode when in use.

In addition, users can increase the size and bold text on the screen to help reduce eye fatigue, reduce headaches and limit refractive errors.

You can blink frequently or into water or practice the 20/20/20 rule, which means, every 20 minutes at your computer or phone, look at something 20 feet away. (about 6m) for 20 seconds, this helps the eyes and nervous system to relax. At the same time, users should maintain a distance from the screen at 40 – 50cm.

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