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The “King of Sales” Toyota Camry 2022 conquers young entrepreneurs with modern design and technology

The new generation Camry is more open with a youthful design, equipped with high-class amenities and many leading technologies in the segment, while retaining the identity of an elegant and luxurious sedan that has been known for dozens of years. years on the market.

During the past decade, with the presence of many new models and revolutionary car upgrades, the Vietnamese auto market has witnessed a lot of changes in sales in most segments. .

However, especially in the D-size sedan segment, Camry is a rare model that maintains the top position in sales for a long time. Launched from December 2021, the latest upgrade of Camry continues to affirm its number one position in the segment with 520 vehicles in April, accumulating more than 2,400 cars sold in 5 months since its launch, far ahead of other vehicles. remaining opponents. Sales are one of the most reliable numbers for assessing a car’s attractiveness on the market.


Source: VAMA

Not only continues to attract more customers, Camry 2022 is also especially attractive to successful young people. According to a representative of the sales department of a Toyota dealer, people who have come to Camry recently are increasingly young, they choose this model because of its freshness in design and driving experience. , with many features and modern technology.

Design for young entrepreneurs

Youthful and modern is the first impression in the exterior design of the Camry 2022. Still bearing the appearance of a D-size sedan that has been known for a long time on the market, the new Camry also possesses a cleverly combined design. between sporty, modern details in that elegant design. Slender front and rear lights with LED technology and LED daytime running lights create accents. The large grille and 18-inch multi-spoke wheels with two-tone colors help increase the vehicle’s identity and sportiness.


Camry exterior version 2.5 HEV

The interior of the car is optimally designed for both the driving position and the rear boss row. 10-way power driver’s seat with memory position. 8-way power passenger seat. The rear seats can be reclined, with rear electric sunshades, curtain on both sides and armrests integrated with touch control keys. The 3-zone automatic climate control system is optimal for both rows of seats. On this model, there are many other high-quality equipments such as 7-inch multi-information screen behind the steering wheel, 9-inch central touch screen that supports smartphone connectivity, premium JBL audio, brakes. electronic parking, smart key and sunroof.


The interior on the Camry maintains comfort, luxury, and is optimal for both the driving position and the rear seats

The refinement inside and out brings sharp and sophisticated beauty to the Camry 2022, true to the image of today’s young businessmen.

Leading the technology trend

Successful young people tend to explore and conquer new things. Stepping out of the comfort zone in previous generations, Camry is like a “new breeze” for the young generation with pioneering technologies in the market to completely change the experience on a D-size sedan. In which, The model’s three breakthrough technologies include the Toyota TNGA global platform, a hybrid engine and the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) advanced safety package.


The TNGA platform has become standard, and the TSS safety package is available from version 2.0Q and up

TNGA is the foundation that creates the identity for Camry. The change in chassis structure helps this model to be more flexible in operation, more compact and also safer. The TNGA structure is also the basis for Toyota to easily bring the new generation hybrid engine and the most modern technologies in the market to the Camry.

Camry is a pioneer in the application of “green” hybrid technology in the D-segment sedan segment. This 2.5L hybrid engine offers stronger performance, more fuel efficiency and is more environmentally friendly. In particular, hybrid engines are having an advantage over pure electric engines in that they do not require complex infrastructure thanks to their ability to self-charge during operation.


Camry 2.5 HEV is the first model in the D-segment sedan segment to use a hybrid engine

Finally, TSS is a package of maximum protection for the driver and passengers with intelligent features such as lane-keeping assist, active cruise control according to the vehicle ahead, pre-collision warning or headlights. automatic high beam. With high-precision cameras and radar, the vehicle provides timely feedback to assist the driver in any situation. TSS is available from version 2.0Q and up.

Various versions to choose from

Always putting the user first, Toyota offers up to 4 version options for Camry 2022. All versions are optimized with equipment and have the most reasonable price gap to target groups of customers with different needs. .

In particular, the Camry 2.5HEV version has a breakthrough in technology, for those who always want to discover new things, anticipate the “green car” trend in the market and always think about the surrounding environment. Compared to the 2.5HEV version, the 2.5Q version possesses almost all the same modern comfort and safety equipment as the equivalent, only different in the experience of the traditional gasoline engine and 8-speed gearbox for customization. Flexible gearing.


With 4 versions with attractive prices, Camry continues to maintain its position as the King of the D-segment sedan segment for many consecutive months.

The two versions of Camry 2.0Q and 2.0G are more affordable, focusing mainly on comfort and safety value instead of the experience behind the wheel. The 2.0Q version differs from the 2.5Q version mainly in the powertrain with the engine with a smaller cylinder capacity. The 2.0G version is the most optimized in terms of price and equipment, bringing a business-class experience with a selling price of only 1.07 billion VND.

“No compromise” is the spirit of the new generation Camry – a model that always innovates according to market trends but does not lose its own principles and identity. In order to spread and promote this spirit, Toyota Vietnam held a storytelling contest about people who pursue an uncompromising lifestyle. The contest “Confessions without compromise” takes place from May 15 to June 15, 2022 with a total prize value of up to 25,000,000 VND. In particular, this contest does not limit participants with a simple way of entering the contest through a personal Facebook post.

In addition, Toyota Vietnam implements a preferential program for new car buyers with a warranty extension package of 2 years or 50,000 km for all versions of Toyota. Camry. Particularly, the hybrid battery is offered with a 4-year or 50,000 km warranty extension package, whichever comes first. Increase the total warranty period of the car up to 5 years/150,000 km, hybrid battery up to 7 years/150,000 km.

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