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The lavender corset is popular with Vietnamese stars-Fashion

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 11:56 AM (GMT+7)

This is a shirt that never goes out of fashion, which is extremely loved by women.

The lavender corset is popular with Vietnamese stars - 1

Thuy Ngan is beautiful with a youthful and sexy outfit when wearing a lavender purple corset.

Thuy Ngan is known for the title of a beauty contestant, a model, an actress and an MC. Possessing a beautiful appearance and a balanced body is an advantage that helps Thuy Ngan always receive the attention of the audience. Not only multi-talented, she also has an impressive fashion style. She aims for the image of a young, dynamic and attractive girl when needed.

On her personal page, Thuy Ngan often posts many pictures showing off her eye-catching street style. Her trendy and trendy way of dressing is always appreciated. Her applied fashion is simply basic items, belonging to domestic brands but bringing harmony.

The image of Thuy Ngan promoting a lavender purple corset is a testament to the young fashion personality of the actress. She teamed it with pink jeans and a darker purple shirt. This is a popular recipe, loved by many people. However, thanks to the color combination, Thuy Ngan has a more eye-catching outfit.

The lavender corset is popular with Vietnamese stars - 3

Thuy Ngan shows off her aging beauty in contrast to her youthful fashion style.

The corset Thuy Ngan wears is also known as a cardigan in the Renaissance. The shirt has been known since the 16th century. Western women use this shirt to tighten their slim waist and fill their breasts. Corset has two parts, the frame and the fabric cover.

Today, this item is created with many different designs to bring comfort to the wearer, while not causing pressure on internal organs. Thanks to its luxurious materials and modern design, the corset can be worn independently as a normal shirt. Or, the wearer can combine with many other outfits from shirts, balzers or skirts…

To stay beautiful and trendy, easy to combine, white/black/nude corset is still a popular choice of many fashionistas.

The lavender corset is popular with Vietnamese stars - 4

Tieu Vy promotes see-through fashion trends. She wears a corset with a mesh fabric over it. Delicate lace details enhance the feminine beauty of the wearer. The way to dress up in cardboard brings harmony and power to the queen.

The lavender corset is popular with Vietnamese stars - 5

Purple lavender has a gentle color, so many Vietnamese beauties choose to wear it. Nha Phuong chose to combine with purple outfit when participating in entertainment events. Her way of dressing up received many compliments from fans.

Corset in lavender color is popular with Vietnamese stars - 6

Another shape from the purple corset is shown by Bich Phuong. Because the design does not have lace details, it gives the wearer a more youthful and personality. She paired it with modern high-waisted jeans.

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