The truth about the ‘Blue Sun’ appearing in the sky of China

On March 15, 2022, the media reported that the weather in Beijing, China, was extremely unusual that day, not only the strongest sandstorm in 10 years, causing 6 deaths, more than 80 people are missing, many even captured the sight of the blue sun.

On April 21, 2022, a sandstorm once again appeared in Beijing, and once again people saw the blue sun.

As can be seen from the videos and related photos that are circulating on the Internet, the blue sun is directly overhead and hanging in the sky. Around the sun there is a blue halo, the sky is also blue, the whole picture is like taking a sunset on Mars.

The truth about the 'Blue Sun' appearing in the sky of China - 1

The photo of Sunset on Mars is taken by the owners science The photo shows that the sun is blue

Experts believe it is because dusty weather in Beijing and surrounding areas has changed the composition of particles in the air. Dust absorbs longer wavelength red light, leaving shorter wavelength blue light unaffected, so the sun appears blue to our eyes.

This means that the rumors that the blue sun is a harbinger of the coming tribulation are completely untrue.

The truth about the 'Blue Sun' appearing in the sky of China - 2

Many netizens worry that this extreme weather and scene, which only occurs on Mars, has appeared in Beijing three times in just over a month. If the density is so frequent, is it a harbinger of the coming great tribulation?

The truth about the 'Blue Sun' appearing in the sky of China - 3

After the rare blue sun appeared over Beijing this time, some experts urgently sought an explanation, and the truth was clearly revealed.

In addition to explaining the principle of this phenomenon, experts also give a warning: do not look directly at the blue sun. By the fact that although the light becomes weaker, the nature of sunlight remains unchanged. Human eyes are more sensitive to light, if you look directly at the blue sun for a long time, it is completely possible to damage your eyes.

Previously, scientists had taken a picture of a sunset on Mars showing the sun being blue. This is explained by the thin atmosphere of Mars, but about 96% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, so after absorbing light with longer wavelengths, it will leave blue light with shorter wavelengths. Combined with the tiny particles remaining in the Martian atmosphere, they have the ability to scatter blue light strongly, with an intensity nearly 10 times that of red light. So when you stand on Mars, the sun is blue.

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