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There are 9 things in a person’s life that are NOT OVER, each sentence is a heavenly way

1. Clothes are not too warm

Regardless of whether it is wearing a hat or wearing clothes, it is not advisable to wear too much, doing so is only counterproductive. Wearing too warm will easily catch a cold, too cold is also not good for health.

Therefore, we should dress appropriately for the weather, change flexibly according to the change of seasons, and prepare different clothes. Currently, there are many people who like to wear out-of-season clothes, but in fact this is very harmful to the body.

2. Eat not too full

When eating, just eat enough to eat 8, 9 portions is okay, and must know to eat enough meat and vegetables; should drink soup before meals; no smoking, no drinking. Healthy eating habits are very important, we should not eat too much, should eat a lot of grains, vegetables and fruits.

Just like dressing, for eating, you also need to follow the weather, because the best foods for health are those that are in season. The law of heaven and earth is irreversible, everything can only last for a long time if we know how to follow the times, according to nature.

3. Don’t live too wide

Living doesn’t have to be too luxurious, the place doesn’t have to be too luxurious, just comfortable. The place can be small, as long as you take care of it yourself, you can also turn your warm little house into a unique one. In general, clean and comfortable are the most comfortable, if it is too extravagant, it will easily make us pervert.

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4. Go not too fast

“After dinner, walk 100 steps, live to 99.”

Walking should not be too hasty. In life, if your health allows, then try to use your feet instead of the car. The joints of the body are like parts in a machine, if not used for a long time, the machine will be sluggish and rusty, so are humans. If you use your car every time you go out on the street, then in the long run your legs will definitely no longer be flexible.

5. Don’t work too hard

Regardless of whether you are overworked physically or mentally, you must combine work and rest. Overwork can cause a number of diseases that seriously damage the body. This is by no means a boastful threat, there are many real-life cases that show us the importance of proper work and rest.

In addition to 8 hours of work, you should find for yourself methods as well as appropriate breaks to recharge your body.

6. Not too comfortable

Combination of work and rest, which means neither overwork nor too much rest.

Sitting idle all day not only makes us lose interest in life but also degrades our capacity, being pulled towards extreme thinking. Whether it’s retirement at home or a holiday, don’t let yourself get too lazy. It’s also important to nurture yourself with good hobbies, whether it’s reading books, reading newspapers or hiking long distances can also help us a lot. These good hobbies will make you have a more colorful life.

7. Not too angry

Too much anger harms the body, too much anger damages the liver. Even if you have troubles and troubles, you must learn to let go the right way and not to get angry. Learn to be more optimistic, improve self-control, and look at problems with an open mind.

Sometimes you also have to learn to smile in the face of adversity, like the saying: “Smiling mouth, luck comes naturally.”

8. Not too pursuing fame and profit

There is one thing that when living does not bring, when dying can not take away, but there are always many people searching for it, that is money and fame. There are some people who are determined to give up their dignity because of these fleeting things.

For fame, there is no need to ask for too much, just asking for a peaceful and carefree life is enough to be satisfied.

9. Not too greedy

“Deadly talented, don’t take. Wind flower and snow moon, don’t touch.”

Knowing enough is happiness, living a life in accordance with nature, enjoying the serenity of no desire, celibacy, no worries and no worries is true wealth. Let’s make life lighter and more natural.


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